DIY Ring Bearer Pillow – Wedding Thingz·         Assortment of silk flowers to embellish pillow

·         Sheer ribbon
STEP ONE: Cut two 8 x 14-inch pieces of burlap. Thread your needle with the cream floss.
STEP TWO: Place your two pieces of burlap on top of each other. Begin sewing with large straight stitches, leaving a 1 ½ -inch edge. Leave a 3 inch opening to allow for stuffing.
STEP THREE: Add stuffing to the inside of the pillow. Smooth the stuffing so that it is evenly dispersed inside the pillow.
STEP FOUR: Sew the remaining area of the pillow so it is now complete. Trim the edges of the pillow so they look balanced.
STEP FIVE: Cut two pieces of satin ribbon so that they fit horizontally and vertically around the pillow. Glue them into place, making all seams meet in the middle of the pillow.
STEP SIX: Glue your largest flower in the middle of the pillow. Then add the smaller flowers along the ribbon.
STEP SEVEN: Place the sheer ribbon under the satin ribbon and tie it into a bow. This sheer ribbon will be used to fasten the rings to the pillow.