Sareh Nouri Bridal Dress
Sareh Nouri launched her Spring 2015 Collection of opulent bridal gowns and veils during NYC Bridal Fashion Week at The London Hotel in New York City. The collection is inspired by florals and nature’s most beautiful textures. There is a harmonious blend of luxurious fabrics and laces from around the world.  The collection can be described as light and intricately detailed. The dresses are made with lavish fabrics such as satin organza. Here is the lovely Spring 2015 collection featured in a  beautiful shoot.

Keep romance alive
This blog is mainly read by women who are about to be married. Most of you may not want to hear this, but after you've been married for awhile the romance can die out. Yes, that steamy hot romance you have may not sizzle, but will fizzle! I've found a great website that helps keeps the romance going.

Wedding dresses
I have to confess that I've been keeping a secret from the Wedding Thingz Readers. Over the past few months I've been working on a new venture, but I am ready to share my good news. 

Brides can add Greek Yogurt for a healthy diet
When many brides are dieting or want to eat healthy before the wedding day, they will often eat salads. While salads can be a healthy option, brides should also consider adding Greek yogurt to their diet. 

Jewelry for your wedding and after the wedding
When you are selecting jewelry for your wedding, try to select jewelry that can be worn after the wedding, as well. There are many options with earrings, necklaces an bracelets!

Make your marriage a financial success
When you are planning a wedding, finance tends to be a subject area that couples dodge and evade, which can lead to dysfunctional patterns that undermine a marriage. It’s better to discuss it early and get it out in the open before the I dos are said. Present Value gives four tips to help make your marriage a financial success.

Rivini Spring 2015 Collection
Last weekend in New York, Rita Vinieris revealed the Rivini Spring 2015 Collection. The models wore a gorgeous group of wedding gowns. The dresses range from form-fitting, structured dresses to full-skirted organza ball gowns. The dresses really make a statement as some are adorned with lace, prints and even leather accents. All the dresses are classic and feminine! When I received the sketch below of one of the dresses, I knew the dresses would be fabulous and I was so right!

Bride and groom
Louise and Darren had a beautiful wedding at Gaynes Park Barns in Epping, Essex. The photographer, Justin Bailey, did a wonderful job of capturing every aspect of their wedding. I like the vibrant color of blue used for this wedding. It looks great on the girls and guys. I really love the groom's suit with the bow tie and checkered pants.....marvelous!

Dance choreography for a wedding
Engaged couples spend a lot of money to plan the perfect wedding. They want the right venue, menu, band and wedding attire. Some are now spending money on wedding dance choreography. Since one of the most celebrated events at a wedding is the bride and groom's first dance, couples want to look great and are hiring their very own dance choreographer to teach them to dance like the stars to a happily-ever-after.

Engagement pictures
Dean Michaels Studio did a wonderful job of taking engagement pictures of Jamie and Christopher. The couple took the pictures in Hoboken, New Jersey. The images show them having a great time at the engagement shoot. It looks like a fun and exciting time!