Jewelry for your wedding and after the wedding
When you are selecting jewelry for your wedding, try to select jewelry that can be worn after the wedding, as well. There are many options with earrings, necklaces an bracelets!

Make your marriage a financial success
When you are planning a wedding, finance tends to be a subject area that couples dodge and evade, which can lead to dysfunctional patterns that undermine a marriage. It’s better to discuss it early and get it out in the open before the I dos are said. Present Value gives four tips to help make your marriage a financial success.

Rivini Spring 2015 Collection
Last weekend in New York, Rita Vinieris revealed the Rivini Spring 2015 Collection. The models wore a gorgeous group of wedding gowns. The dresses range from form-fitting, structured dresses to full-skirted organza ball gowns. The dresses really make a statement as some are adorned with lace, prints and even leather accents. All the dresses are classic and feminine! When I received the sketch below of one of the dresses, I knew the dresses would be fabulous and I was so right!

Bride and groom
Louise and Darren had a beautiful wedding at Gaynes Park Barns in Epping, Essex. The photographer, Justin Bailey, did a wonderful job of capturing every aspect of their wedding. I like the vibrant color of blue used for this wedding. It looks great on the girls and guys. I really love the groom's suit with the bow tie and checkered pants.....marvelous!

Dance choreography for a wedding
Engaged couples spend a lot of money to plan the perfect wedding. They want the right venue, menu, band and wedding attire. Some are now spending money on wedding dance choreography. Since one of the most celebrated events at a wedding is the bride and groom's first dance, couples want to look great and are hiring their very own dance choreographer to teach them to dance like the stars to a happily-ever-after.

Engagement pictures
Dean Michaels Studio did a wonderful job of taking engagement pictures of Jamie and Christopher. The couple took the pictures in Hoboken, New Jersey. The images show them having a great time at the engagement shoot. It looks like a fun and exciting time! 

Silk wedding bouquet
Many brides don't want to consider silk flowers because they can look fake and they would prefer to go with a real flowers. Using silk flowers for a wedding has many advantages. The first is they will not wilt during weddings in warmer weather. They are lightweight and are easy to handle. Silk flowers are also durable and will retain their look. Think ahead to your 10th, 20th or 30th wedding anniversary....the bouquet will still look beautiful. Silk flowers are good for a bride who has allergies and is unable to have real flowers. 

Augusta Jones wedding dress
The dresses by Augusta Jones are fresh and fabulous! I'm happy to show you this wonderful collection. The stylish wedding gowns have clean lines and come in a variety of silhouettes, fabrics and laces. Many have embroidery and delicate bead work.  The dresses are great for brides looking for luxury gowns that are timeless. Here are dresses from the beautiful collection.  

Many brides look for unique wedding details to make their wedding stand out from the rest. No bride wants a cookie cutter wedding! If you're looking for unique items that will set your wedding apart from the others, I've found some great ideas for you. You won't find these at every wedding.

Bride with bouquet
After your wedding, you'll have mementos you'll want to save. You might want to look at them from time to time or show the items to family and friends. Special items that you have from your wedding can be put in frames. Here are five special items that will look great in a frame.