Before getting married, many couples often move in together. Moving in together for the first time is a very challenging experience, with sharing chores and expenses – not to mention a bathroom – and merging home décor styles topping the list of sore spots for newly cohabitating couples, a new survey shows.

Who will walk you down the aisle at your wedding
Many brides are given away or walked down the aisle by their father. Others choose to have their mom walk them down the aisle, some choose to walk down the aisle solo or use another family member. Your decision is a personal matter. Peter Edwards Photography shares more information on who should give you away in the interesting infographic below. 

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Champagne Flute Glasses
Whether it is to be your wedding or you are to be a guest, the giving of gifts plays a very important role in the celebration of this highly important day. As much as the gifts are specific to the taste of the couple, there are certain specific items that have become quite traditional for giving in honor of a marriage.

Sareh Nouri Wedding Dress
The dresses in the Fall 2015 collection of Sareh Nouri are glamorous and composed of graceful and intricate details that are sure to capture your heart. The classic collection is complete with hand embroidered French lace, and various silhouettes’ that will draw your eyes with its beauty.  This season Sareh Nouri has unveiled her first evening wear selection, staying true to her ethereal and romantic aesthetics. Take a look at some of the lovely dresses in the collection.

History of the Engagement Ring
You have a beautiful engagement ring on your finger! Do you know the history of the engagement ring? Our good friends at Bespoke Diamonds in Ireland have put together this great infographic to give you information on the history of the engagement ring and other ring facts. 

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Is is acceptable for a man to NOT wear a wedding ring
It is a time-honored tradition; married men wear their wedding rings and single men go ring-less. Men’s wedding bands function like an early warning device in the dating world. When a woman sees a guy she likes in a bar, she glances at his ring finger. If he has one, he is off limits, but if he doesn’t have one, he’s free to flirt with. Wives depend on the wedding ring to ward off overbearing women looking for potential husbands or just someone to have fun with. A talisman to drive the evil spirits away, you might say. However, nowadays, more and more married men are foregoing wearing their wedding rings for various reasons. 

Social Media in Weddings
When it's time to plan your wedding, will you use social media? Some brides are using social media for things like sending an invitation, sharing photos or to communicate with family and friends. Our friends at Ocean Sands Hotel have put together a fabulous infographic on social media at weddings. Check it out!

Oscar de la Renta dress
The Spring 2015 Bridal Collection of Oscar de la Renta is gorgeous. The collection features dresses for traditional wedding as well as beautiful dresses for destination weddings.  The dresses come in a variety of fabrics and silhouettes. Here are a few I think you'll love.

Name change trend
If there was such a thing as a national newlywed calendar, October would be a completely booked month. Spring and summer weddings and their ensuing honeymoons are wrapping up, leaving couples a brief span of time to settle into newlywed life before the holidays hit.

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Amanda Walters

Alternative wedding food ideas
Your wedding breakfast really doesn’t need to be a stuffy, sit-down event that you’ve stressed over because Uncle Fred is lactose intolerant and your husband-to-be’s sister can’t eat gluten. It’s your special day and a chance to be truly creative when it comes to planning everything from décor to the food.