Top Wedding Destinations For 2017

Top wedding destinations 2017

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Now that 2017 is well under way, many of you are no doubt looking for the perfect wedding venue to get married this year! The thing is; which is the “best” location for you? Well, there is an almost limitless amount of choice. For instance, many people decide to tie the knot abroad in sunnier climes.

Are you feeling frustrated that you can’t select the perfect wedding venue? Do you need some help? Worry no more because you’ve come to the right place! The topic of today’s article is top wedding destinations for 2017. If you want to make sure you and your future spouse get married before the year is out, take a look at these excellent venue suggestions:

Bar Harbor, Maine (USA)

If you want to choose a location that resembles the Mediterranean, you don’t need to fly over to Europe! Instead, you should consider a place called Bar Harbor in Maine. With golden sandy beaches and dark blue water enveloping a rugged coast, it offers breathtaking views.

Of course, there’s more to Bar Harbor than just going to the beach! Activities are aplenty, such as kayaking and whale watching. It offers plenty of fun and activities for both the happy couple and their guests.

Los Cabos (Mexico)

Over in Mexico, one potential wedding venue location that is growing in popularity is Los Cabos. Located at the southern end of the Baja California peninsula, it promises a relaxing environment for people to get married. The Mexican government has invested heavily in the development of the area, which used to be a rural seaside village.

You might think it is now commercialized, but nothing could be further from the truth! It offers the perfect setting for a quaint wedding in a great location. And if you find a local destination wedding planner there, you’re more likely to get recommended one of the many hidden gems in the area to get married!

Anguilla (Caribbean)

Want to venture out further afield? If so, one location you might wish to consider is the island of Anguilla. At just 91 square kilometers, it’s a small and exclusive island paradise! Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory and so is full of rustic charm. If you want an upscale wedding venue, this is an island worth adding to your shortlist.

Did you know that there are no casinos or high-rise buildings on the island? Even cruise ships aren’t allowed there, making it a peaceful paradise location to get married!

Rome (Italy)

Last, but not least on this list is the European city of Rome. It’s a historical and diverse location, rich with culture and customs. Being in Europe, it also means that you could spend your honeymoon traveling to other European countries such as France, the UK, and Germany.

If you wish to ensure good weather for your big day, be sure to book your venue between April and June.

I hope you have enjoyed reading through this list of potential wedding venue destinations. Good luck with your big day!

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