Top Tips for Booking Your Scottish Wedding Band

Selecting a band for your wedding

With the people of Scotland being natural music lovers, it’s no surprise that wedding bands are growing in number. Varieties in genre and approach to this audio art are now more diverse. On the upside, this means there’s a much lesser chance you won’t find the kind of band you want. Yet on the flipside, scouring for the right one now proves to be a much more disconcerting task, regardless of how much you love music.

Decide what kind of music you want. It could depend on the theme of the wedding but you would also want a wedding band that’s versatile. While music complementing the theme should be in place, you should keep in mind that people will enjoy music they can relate to. Grandma and grandpa want swing. Your high school friends want to hear those 80s and 90s tunes while your in-laws might feel sentimental and would want to start reminiscing their first dance when they got married. A wedding is much more fulfilling when your loved ones enjoy it as much as you do.

Check with the venue. Residential areas and small places close to homes and offices without proper may not allow a full band because of noise issues. You can suggest finding a band with an electric drum set to keep the sound level at minimum but still play just about any kind of song you want. Some wedding venues are stricter though, so you might have to stick with an acoustic set-up if you won’t opt to find a different venue.

Get referrals. If you find a band you like with an upcoming performance you could watch, do so. If you’re like the majority who don’t get that chance, best to ask your friends – or better yet, your wedding coordinator – about the bands they’ve seen play at weddings. When asking people you know who aren’t wedding professionals working with bands, prioritize those who’ve already gotten married. This way you can get a firsthand account of the bands’ processes and work ethics.

Feed the band. They’ll be setting up before the reception begins and even earlier if they’ll be playing at the ceremony, too. It’ll be hours of music before they finish their work so prepare to provide meals and drinks like cola. They’ll be leading the energy for the party so keep them pumped up with full bellies. Whether the band states it or not, assume it as your responsibility as the client.

Sign a contract. Professional Glasgow wedding bands should offer these with conditions stated such as their fee, your preferences if you specified any, their requirements in order to meet your requests and a statement about providing a replacement band should they be unable to play at your wedding like they fell ill after eating bad seafood. Things happen so best to prepare for it.

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