Tips on Buying Your Wedding Dress Based on Your Body Type

Wedding Dress Tips

By Pnina Tornai

As a renowned designer of gowns that are known for their “big entrance-worthy” style and having worked with brides of all types of body shapes and sizes who literally come from all over the world—I know a thing or two about the proper style and fit of a wedding gown. Being able to create that dream gown for of all my brides (and I do think of them all as MY brides) is a blessing and has given me so much experience when it comes to flattering the feminine figure. Now I am giving these tips to YOU! (Thank you Wedding Thingz for letting me offer my best advice to your readers!)

One of the first things many brides-to-be tell me is that they wish to lose weight to fit into the dress of their dreams. And many will go to extreme measures to do. Recently, I started working with Nutrisystem and love recommending their plan to my brides. It’s easy to follow and promotes healthy weight loss. Plus, planning a wedding is stressful enough so having a structured weight loss plan will help to cut down bridal anxiety and leave more time for the fun stuff!

When I help my bride with her search for the perfect gown, I look for a dress that suits her shape and personal style. I always tell her to show off her best assets and diminish anything that makes her less than fabulous. All of us have a body part or two that we may not be crazy about, but with the right gown, everything will be accentuated or hidden properly.

Here are my recommendations for how to best show off you and your gown based on the following body types:

Pear Shape:

If your hips tend to be bigger than your shoulders, I suggest an A-line gown that fits naturally at the waist and has a fuller skirt. I like highlighting the shoulders, especially on gowns such as this one from my Dimensions Collection, which has lovely detailing on the sleeves. I encourage brides with this shape to show off their upper body.

Wedding dress by Pnina Tornai


For those who are blessed with an ample bosom, but prefer not to highlight it on their wedding day, I recommend a slightly dipped neckline. A dress that cuts straight across your chest will accentuate the bust line. Therefore, I prefer a neckline that will flatter the face and décolletage—such as this beautiful lace gown from my Love Collection.

Wedding dress by Pnina Tornai



For curvy brides, often their instinct is to wear flowy, draped gowns to try and hide their shape. I encourage my brides to choose a gown that is structured and fits snugly around the waist to create a narrower midsection. This gown from my Love Collection will show off these features. The sexy shoulder straps draw the eyes upward to the bride’s beautiful face.

Wedding dress by Pnina Tornai


If you tend to be narrower at the hips, I recommend a gown that falls at your natural waistline and create the illusion of curves on your lower body.  A sheath dress is perfect for this silhouette.  In particular, I adore this dress from my Love Collection that is sexy, modern, and gives the illusion of curviness in all the right places!

Wedding dress by Pnina Tornai



In addition to wearing high heels with extra bling, you want to have a gown that will lead the eyes in a vertical way. A dress with an empire-type waist that lies above the natural waistline will create the illusion of longer legs. I would also consider a mermaid style gown such as this style I designed from my Dimensions Collection, which elongates the figure and hugs the body in all the right places.

 Wedding dress by Pnina Tornai

All photos courtesy of Pnina Tornai


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