Think Pink: The Prettiest Blooms For a Blush Themed Wedding

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Pink is one of the most popular color choices for weddings. And it’s no wonder- it’s pretty, girly and comes in a variety of different shades. Blush is an especially elegant choice; a romantic ‘grown up pink’ which works well with everything, from the flowers to the bridesmaid’s dresses to the wedding decorations. If you’ve chosen pink for your wedding, you won’t be short on choice for beautiful blooms. Here are some of the prettiest to give you some ideas!


Blush colored roses look truly spectacular and are some of the most beautiful flowers you can choose for your wedding. You can find roses in just about every shade of the rainbow these days. But there’s something particularly special about pale dusky pink blooms. Oozing sophistication and class, they look great alone or alongside other flowers. You could mix them with white roses or feature them in a bouquet with some less expensive blooms to cut down on costs.


Available in a wide range of colors, although the blush pink variety are especially pretty and a gorgeous choice for weddings. They can be large or small, the bigger flowers (known as ‘dinner plate dahlias’) are a gorgeous choice for your feature flower. Dahlias bloom throughout most of the summer so are an ideal choice for a summer wedding.


There are few things more beautiful than blush colored tulips. At their best from mid-March through to May, these would look amazing at your spring wedding. There are hundreds of different varieties available in lots of different colors. You could search ‘flower shop near me’ on Google and find out if any local florists can source the exact shade you’re after.


These large, bold daisies look stunning in blush pink. Despite being the fifth most popular florist flower in the world, they’re beautifully unusual and bring a slightly different look to your wedding. Gerberas mean ‘innocence’ and there is something innocent and childlike about them. Perhaps they’re reminiscent of the daisy chains you would make as a child. Either way, they’re a perfect choice for a wedding.


When you think of lilies you might automatically think of traditional white trumpet-shaped lilies. Or the bold (almost garish) pink blooms of oriental lilies. But these popular flowers can also be found in the prettiest blush pink shade too. If you love lilies, do your research and see if you can source these stunning blooms for your big day. For more unusual flowers like these, you may have to buy them online.


Peonies are another flower that looks fabulous in blush pink. The short growing season of these pretty blooms means they’re ideal for spring weddings. However, you will probably struggle to get them at other times of the year unless you pay more to have them flown in. But depending on the date you’ve set for your big day, peonies could make a wonderful option if they’re in season at the time.

Pretty Flowers

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Will you be having a blush themed wedding? If so, which flowers are you thinking of going for?


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