These Tips Will Help You To Land Your Dream Engagement and Wedding Rings

Wedding and Engagement Rings

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If you’ve been with your partner quite some time, then you’re probably planning on marrying them at some point. Whether you’re engaged right now or not, this guide can help you to land your dream engagement and wedding rings. Read on to make sure you have your dream finger candy to wear forever!

Have A Chat With Them

When you know you’re both in it for the long haul, it could be a good idea to have a chat with your other half. The key is to keep it casual so you don’t scare them and put them off the idea of marriage for life. This is your opportunity to make sure that they know what sort of wedding you’d want, and of course the kind of ring. You can show them pictures, styles, and give them ideas so that when the time comes, they have no excuse for not picking a ring you’ll love. It’s probably best that you’re not too specific when it comes to brand, carat of your stones and whatnot, as this will depend on where your other half chooses to shop and what their budget is.

As long as they know the style and metal you love, they should be well prepared to go shopping for the perfect ring. Make sure they’re in a good, receptive mood when you bring this up. You want to have their full attention, and they should be involved in the conversation too. Make sure you’re not just talking at them.

Drop A Few Hints

If you’ve had the conversation in the past or you think a full on conversation will be too much for them, you could potentially drop a few hints. You could say things like, ‘*Some celebrity* just got engaged, isn’t their ring amazing?’ and then show them a picture. You can do this with your friend’s rings too, and even coo over pictures of rings in a magazine as subtly as you can. Your other half should probably think that this is their idea for the best results. Looking at the 1 carat diamond price could scare them, but if you know where to get the best deals they’re bound to feel better.

You could also make sure your friends and family know what rings you like, as your partner could potentially ask them when it comes to shopping for the ring.

Come Up With An Agreement

Maybe you could come to an agreement with your other half. When it’s time to get married, they’ll propose, but you get to pick your rings. Some think it’s more magical when their partner picks their ring for them, but if you just have to have your own input on the matter then this could be a good idea. Your partner might also be happy to do it, as it can take a lot of the stress out of it for them. It’s all down to whatever suits you as a couple.

Use these tips and soon you could be wearing the ring or rings of your dreams!

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