The Guest Experience: Your Wedding Day

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The one thing to remember about your wedding day, is that it isn’t just about you, the bride. Of course, you and the groom play a pivotal role in the day – after all, it’s you who is getting married. Organising the invitations, coordinating family to be able to set the date and even checking allergies mean that the central part of the wedding revolves more about the guests. You want their experience to memorable!

Wedding celebrations often begin with an engagement and in some cases, an engagement party. To be able to announce to your family and friends you are getting married in a stylish way is simply fun, but the party is also for them to be able to celebrate with you. The guest experience of your wedding day is always important as you want people to walk you into marriage with a smile on their face and generally, the opinions of the older members of the family matter to you. The experience your guests have of your wedding is something you should be concerned about, as you want them to enjoy it as much as you do! So, what ways can you make your wedding perfect for your guests?

  • Dates: For family that may be travelling across the country, being considerate of the date is important. This doesn’t mean that a great aunt you haven’t seen for ten years gets to dictate your wedding date, but more your parents and closest friends.
  • Seating: Packing people into a venue is often a bad idea. Rather than seat people with their elbows touching and barely any room to move, either invite less people or have a bigger space. Adding games to tables can make your wedding guest-friendly as they get to know each other.
  • Open bar: While you may not be the richest, having a tab on the bar for at least a portion of the night is great idea. You can always let the guests know that once the evening reception begins, it’ll be a cash bar.
  • Entertaining: Be mindful of your entertainment. Children who may be attending can get bored very easily during speeches, so including a box of toys in the corner of the venue for parents to supervise some quiet play is a great idea!
  • Little details: If your wedding is going to have a lot of dancing, why not leave a box of flip flops by the door for the ladies to take their heels off and join in? It’s a quirky little idea that works so well for outdoor weddings especially, but it means you’ve considered comfort, like with some of these ideas.

The marriage itself is all about you and your husband-to-be, and while we plan a wedding based on what we want, we always think about our guests and how we can make the day perfect for them. We lay on food, entertainment, music and dancing for them rather than for ourselves. Most brides are more excited about the honeymoon and the wedding stress being over with, rather than the wedding, even if they won’t admit it!

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