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Top 5 Trends in Wedding Favors for 2017

Top 5 wedding trends



Just like big-shouldered bridesmaid dresses and Croquembouche wedding cakes, all wedding trends peak and wane, as sure as the seasons come and go — and wedding favors are no exception.

Given to guests as a token of appreciation for their participation in the celebration of your marriage, the tradition of wedding favors began with the presentation of precious stones and sweet treats to guests in centuries past across Europe as a sign of fertility, wealth, longevity, health and happiness.

From precious stones to personalized koozies, we explore the top trends in wedding favors for 2017.

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A Positive Reception


Wedding Reception

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No doubt you’re in the thick of it now. Deciding on the fine details, from the clothes to the food, but a lot of people may judge your wedding, not by the nuptials themselves, but rather the wedding reception. And it’s a party that has to be unlike no other, and certainly for you as the bride or groom, you need it to be the party to end all parties! Have you thought about this yet? If not, let’s give you some inspiration before the big day!

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Wedding Songs to Please Everyone

Wedding Songs

Most people love weddings. They are great social occasions. Naturally, for the bride and groom, the service is the most important, and memorable, part of the day. However, for the majority of your guests, it is likely to be the reception that they will enjoy the most.

Therefore, choosing the right band for your wedding reception is crucial. If you get it right, everyone will have a good time and go home with some great memories.

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The Guest Experience: Your Wedding Day

Guests at wedding

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The one thing to remember about your wedding day, is that it isn’t just about you, the bride. Of course, you and the groom play a pivotal role in the day – after all, it’s you who is getting married. Organising the invitations, coordinating family to be able to set the date and even checking allergies mean that the central part of the wedding revolves more about the guests. You want their experience to memorable!

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Five Reasons to Attend a Bridal Show

Bridal Show Ideas

Brides can find information on weddings from a variety of places. One good place to go for wedding information is a bridal show. Country Club Receptions is hosting its fourth annual Wedding Show Weekend March 11-12, 2017. This will take place at 40 country club and golf course venues across the nation. You can RSVP here, you don’t want to miss the show! Here are five reasons why you should attend bridal shows.

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How to Throw a Successful Party/Wedding

Have a successful wedding

The most important element of a successful party is proper planning. If you don’t plan well or hire the best people and equipment, the party might be a flop. Everyone wants to go to a really cool party, meet people and have lots of fun. No one wants to attend a boring party. There is a process to achieving that kind of suave, really cool party. It comes with great planning, excellent scouting and above average tastes.

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Plan Your Wedding So That It’s Unique, Personal And Perfect

Wedding Inspiration

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Are you getting married next year? If you are, you’re probably already deep in the throes of planning the perfect ceremony and a fantastic reception. You don’t want your big day to be lost in the shuffle of all the other wedding ceremonies that are probably planned for the next year. Unfortunately, this is quite common because friends tend to get engaged around the same time. Therefore, they also plan their ceremony for around the same time too, about a year later. How can you make sure your wedding is personal and perfect? Here are some of our suggestions.

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