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Wedding Reception

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No doubt you’re in the thick of it now. Deciding on the fine details, from the clothes to the food, but a lot of people may judge your wedding, not by the nuptials themselves, but rather the wedding reception. And it’s a party that has to be unlike no other, and certainly for you as the bride or groom, you need it to be the party to end all parties! Have you thought about this yet? If not, let’s give you some inspiration before the big day!

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Inspired Food and Cocktail Pairings for Wedding Receptions



Wedding guests are always excited to join in on a fun day of celebration, but one of the things that can really make or break their excitement is a hungry stomach. Food and drinks really are a huge part of a wedding day, and you’ll want to be sure that you are providing enough sustenance throughout the event.

Depending on the schedule of your wedding day, you might be serving light hors d’oeuvres or a full, 7-course meal. Regardless of your food options, the time between the ceremony and celebration is a key time to provide guests with light snacks and spirits.

If you’re trying to decide what to serve, there are quite a few options that would be perfect for your guests whether they have a seasoned palate or a family of picky eaters. Consider the following inspired food and cocktail pairings for your wedding reception to make everyone happy.

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Put Yourself Into Your Guests’ Shoes

Wedding Reception

Getting married is the experience of a lifetime. You will find it equally challenging as it is exciting. For most brides, this is the moment where they can plan the entire day according to their childhood dreams – and if they can too, indulge with a gigantic wedding cake and a fantastic princess dress. However, it can be easy to forget an essential element of your wedding day: Your guests. You need to consider that most guests are traveling far to be there on your special day. Naturally, they come because they want to share the joy with you, but it’s important to make your wedding reception as enjoyable for them as possible. After all, for some people, coming to a wedding costs a lot of money and time. As much as they might like you, they will also appreciate a pleasant arrangement that takes their needs into account. Remember that there’s nothing worse than a grumpy guest to ruin the day. So make it work for them too! 

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How To Fill the Gap Between Ceremony and Reception

Wedding Ceremony

The point of your wedding day is the ceremony! You’re not just throwing a party. You can do that anytime. So, you want to have as many friends and family as possible see you get married. Best way to do that? Have no gap in time between the ceremony and the reception. Easy to do if you’re getting married at a hotel, country club, banquet hall, etc.

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Five Reasons to Attend a Bridal Show

Bridal Show Ideas

Brides can find information on weddings from a variety of places. One good place to go for wedding information is a bridal show. Country Club Receptions is hosting its fourth annual Wedding Show Weekend March 11-12, 2017. This will take place at 40 country club and golf course venues across the nation. You can RSVP here, you don’t want to miss the show! Here are five reasons why you should attend bridal shows.

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How to Successfully DJ a Wedding

Tips for DJs

Besides bringing your professionalism and desire to make your clients happy, as a wedding DJ you also have an opportunity to leave the happy couple and their guests with memories of an unforgettable event. Depending on the newlyweds’ preferences, you may or may not have a lot of room when crafting the set list for their affair. However, some essential tips keep everyone happy while keeping you in gigs and furthering your reputation as a solid professional in the business.

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Beautiful Ways To Celebrate Your Wedding

Beautiful ways to celebrate a wedding

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Your wedding will be the most beautiful day of your life. It’s a day for indulgence as well as celebration. It represents the start of your new life in union with your partner. And there are many ways you can make this incredible event extra special. Whatever your budget may be and no matter how many people are on your guest list, you’ll find plenty of beautiful ideas to celebrate your wedding.

You may want to start with your wedding rings. Many couples exchange rings during their wedding ceremony. But if you have designed your own rings, or inscribed them with messages of love, why not share that with the guests? During your toasts, you could show them off, and read out the inscriptions. Perhaps you have a photo you can project so everyone can see them up close?

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Summer Wedding Theme vs. Winter

Summer Wedding

The day finally came, and you are now engaged. Big decisions in life are just beginning, and one of them has to do with when you should marry. There is a beautiful summer wedding on a warm day, or a winter wedding that can look like Christmas cards. Word of advice, however: never plan a wedding according to season, because there is no guarantee on the weather.

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What To Focus On When You’re Styling Your Wedding

Styling Your Wedding

Weddings are enormous projects that give the bride a fantastic opportunity to design her own style. For the creative couple, the wedding could be a showcase for your talents in styling. You want everyone to remember the details as well as the overall impact of your choices. There is a lot to plan and a lot to organize. But getting the style design right is important. Here are some of the things you need to focus on:

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