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2 In 1: European Destinations For Weddings And Honeymoons

Destination Wedding

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These days, lots of couples are interested in combining their wedding and honeymoon. As foreign wedding destinations become increasingly popular, lots of couples are choosing to hang around in their wedding destination and use it as a honeymoon location as well. And there is no better place for these kinds of destinations than Europe. Many European countries combine picturesque scenery and very laid-back wedding laws.

So, ready to choose the perfect place for a wedding ceremony and honeymoon? Read on!

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Destination Weddings That Are Still (Technically) In The USA

US Destination Weddings

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There’s no doubt that destination weddings have grown more and more in popularity over recent years – and it’s easy to see why. Your wedding photos can be delightful, the guest list is naturally trimmed, and you get your wedding and honeymoon all in one.

With that said, destination weddings do have a downside – dealing with all the paperwork and requirements to marry in another country. No one wants a ton of red tape to deal with the moment you get home, when you should be focusing on just transitioning to married life. So how about getting all the benefits of a destination wedding, but still on US soil?

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Beautiful Honeymoon in Spain

Real Wedding

Alexandr and Ekaterina are a gorgeous couple. They both come from Russia and got married recently. After their perfect wedding they wanted a perfect and unforgettable honeymoon. Their idea was to take beautiful photos on a beach as they enjoyed the sun, the sea and the sand. For that, they choose Spain as the location. Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz put it all together. Such a lovely honeymoon.

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Top Wedding Destinations For 2017

Top wedding destinations 2017

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Now that 2017 is well under way, many of you are no doubt looking for the perfect wedding venue to get married this year! The thing is; which is the “best” location for you? Well, there is an almost limitless amount of choice. For instance, many people decide to tie the knot abroad in sunnier climes.

Are you feeling frustrated that you can’t select the perfect wedding venue? Do you need some help? Worry no more because you’ve come to the right place! The topic of today’s article is top wedding destinations for 2017. If you want to make sure you and your future spouse get married before the year is out, take a look at these excellent venue suggestions:

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You Should Definitely DIY These Things For Your Wedding

Wedding DIY Ideas

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Some couples who have the wedding budget choose to outsource everything and buy as much as they can. However, whether you’ve got the budget or not, doing a little DIY on your wedding is potentially one of the most satisfying things you can do. Not only do you save a little, which could potentially go towards other things (hello, honeymoon!), you add your own unique touch to your big day. Making your big day as personalized as possible is bound to make it much more meaningful for you. Here are a few things you should definitely DIY for your wedding!

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Dreamy Destinations for the Perfect Honeymoon

Honeymoon destinations

The honeymoon is the ultimate romantic experience in the life of any couple. There is nothing better than spending quality-time with the person you love in a dreamy destination far away from home and constant worries. It is that special time when love comes first on the list and all you care about is the idea of offering and receiving unconditional love.

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Perfect Sacramento Weddings

Sacramento Weddings

What better place to host a wedding than in Sacramento? The gorgeous weather, amazing people, and fantastic wedding options make it impossible to overlook. Sacramento weddings are often sought out by people from around the world, and there are some reasons for this.

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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations Where You Will Never Regret Spending Your Money

Taj Mahal

Being newly married is a joy in anybody’s life. All the stressful months or preparations for the big day are over, the party was a blast and you are finally Mr. and Mrs. You two most definitely deserve your own time as a married couple and some peace and quiet to start this wonderful journey together. We have put together a list of 10 amazing destinations you should consider when planning your honeymoon. The world is your oyster -just put your finger on the map; be prepared to pamper each other and experience the true beauty of these places.

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Top 5 Wedding Destinations in India

Destination Weddings in India

Wedding, be it love or arranged, is always an exciting affair. Indian marriages are a month long with relatives from four corners of the earth, friends from school time to colleges, and colleagues of every organization one has worked with throng the courtyard adding vibrancy to the event. The bride and the groom are in their own tension of starting a new life together. Fear, excitement, thrill, blues, love, commitment, stress, etc. – all these kind of feelings work in their mind and above that they have to look good because it’s their marriage.

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Hot Spots for Destination Weddings – Where Can You Bring the Whole Wedding Party

Destination Weddings

Making sure that your wedding goes perfect is something that all of us are craving for; after all, it’s one of the most important decisions and days in our lives, so why do it like other couples and go the easy way? Destination weddings have become something of an attraction among young couples looking to spend their special day in a very different way than you’d imagine: by arranging the wedding somewhere far off where both the future husband and wife always dreamed of being wed. So why not do it? We’re here to offer some tips on where your special day could take place, and who knows? It might just spark your curiosity.

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