Signature Scents for Women: Finding the Right Wedding Day Perfume

Perfume for Weddings

Perfumes date back to early civilizations. Ancient Egyptians were known to wear blends of natural oils and plants to create powerful fragrances. The Egyptians believed that scented aromas promoted better health and were pleasing to the gods. People who wore perfume in ancient Egyptian civilizations were recognized as wealthy and affluent. Fragrances were very important during the Cleopatra and Julius Caesar era. Roman perfume bottles were often thrown into crowds of people to demonstrate Caesar’s power.

In today’s society, most fragrance companies mix a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients to produce the sweet-smelling, captivating aromas that women love to wear from day to day. The unique scents of many contemporary perfumes are designed to stimulate the senses and invoke passion and desire. The modern-day woman often selects scents that help her feel more confident, energetic and empowered. Most of the women’s perfume lines are gentle enough to be worn daily, allowing the wearer to go from day to night while sporting the same fragrance. Many women also choose to save specific signature scents special occasions.

Wedding Fragrances
Finding your signature fragrance for your wedding day may be one of the most important decisions you’ll make. When you prepare for your special day, you will almost certainly want to surround your environment with intriguing floral arrangements. So, the decision to immerse yourself in a delightful aroma can help create the ambience that you desire for your special occasion. Your signature fragrance is the perfect accessory to complete your attire when you walk down the aisle. The one that you choose should harmonize with your gown as well as blend in well with your natural scent. If you’re searching for the right perfume for your wedding day, here are six popular brands for women.

1. Chanel
The Chanel brand is known for producing the finest aromatic perfumes for women. Chanel includes a line of fragrances that emanates soft and energetic floral scents. Some of the bridal favorites from this brand are the Chanel No. 5, Chance and Coco Mademoiselle.

2. Dolce and Gabbana
The Dolce and Gabbana brand includes many stylish accessories. This company also produces perfumes for women that may be the perfect accessory to complete your look. The Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue and Dolce Rosa Excelsa are preferred by many brides.

3. Tom Ford
Tom Ford is another prominent fashion designer who is known for creating stylish clothing and accessories for men and women. Tom Ford’s perfume lines are also favored by brides and recognized for their enchanting floral aromas. Tom Ford’s Santal Blush radiates a blend of exotic spices and ravishing florals, making it one of the top-selling perfume for weddings and other special events.

4. Belenciaga
Belenciaga is another designer fragrance brand for women that includes a range of signature perfumes that are ideal for weddings. If you feel drawn to the delightful Belenciaga scents, consider wearing the popular types for women, like the Paris Eau de Parfum and Paris Florabotanica de Parfum.

5. Vera Wang
Vera Wang, known for her elegant wedding gowns, have created a line of sweet aroma perfumes that are loved by brides everywhere. The Vera Wang Bejeweled, Pink Princess and the Love Struck Floral Rush are popular choices for bridal perfumes.

6. Chloe
Chloe offers a unique brand of stylish clothing and accessories. Many brides enjoy sporting the luxurious fragrances by Chloe. The Chloe Eau de Parfum gives off refreshing powdery scent It provides a light aroma that women can wear for special occasions. The Chloe Love Story and Fleur de Parfum are made with energizing floral scents.

Many women own several bottles of perfume for everyday wear and on specific occasions. Your favorite scent that brings out your elegant, sophisticated style may be right one to wear for your wedding day. Splashing a beautiful fragrance all over can help you radiate an impeccable natural scent for your magical occasion. You can search through hundreds of invigorating and build your own collection of signature perfumes.

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