Shopping for Your Mother’s Outfit

Selecting attire for your mother at  the wedding

If you are planning to go shopping with your mother for her special outfit, this post is for you. Below we give you a few tips that are designed to give you some ideas and find the right outfit for her.

Talk to her before you go shopping

Before you go out shopping with her, or she goes out to do it herself, take the time to sit down and go over your wedding theme. Doing this will help your mother to select an outfit that works well with the way you and the rest of the wedding party will be dressed.

The fact that most brides involve their mothers heavily in preparing for their special day can lead to them assuming that their mother is clear about the look and feel of their wedding. In reality, she is likely to have only a piecemeal picture of what you are planning, and she will not necessarily remember all of the little details. If you can, show her photos of your dress and flowers, as well as the way the venues will be decorated. This will help her to choose the right shade, style and type of outfit to complement the look and feel of your wedding.

Leave enough time

It is very important that your mother gets her outfit at least a month before the date you are due to get married. This will give her enough time to have a proper dry run and try everything on together, spot any problems, and get them sorted out. It is important that she see her outfit from all angles, so you should help her by holding a mirror behind her when she tries everything on.

Glamorous not flashy

You need to encourage your mother to spend enough money to buy an outfit that is special enough for the mother of the bride to wear. There is an expectation that she will look special for her daughter’s wedding day. She needs to be a bit adventurous and go for something classy and slightly glamorous. However, she also has to be careful not to go over the top and end up looking too flashy.

Luxury fabrics like satin or silk are great options. Lace also works really well for this type of outfit. As you can see here, embellished dresses are also nice for the mother of the bride.

The right jacket

It is always wise for your mother’s outfit to include a jacket. She does not necessarily have to wear it all the time, but your mother should have one just in case it gets chilly.

The right accessories

It is especially important to choose the right accessories. A nice hat and an elegant bag paired with the right jewellery are essential to finish the outfit off.

Choose footwear carefully

Given the fact that your mother will be spending a long time on her feet it is essential that she selects a pair of shoes that are comfortable as well as good to look at. The right pair of kitten heels can be just as glamorous as a pair of stiletto heel shoes.


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