Say Yes To The Dress: Why Renting Is Better Than Buying

Renting a Wedding Dress

Preparing for a wedding is not an easy task as it requires careful planning and preparation from having the right wedding video to the best wedding dress. When it comes to wedding dress, most couples find it difficult to make a decision. What makes it more difficult is the everlasting issue of high-flying prices that brides have to pay for custom-made wedding dresses.

Consequently, brides have been resorting to just renting a wedding dress. At first, it sounds strange to settle for less on your special day, but surprisingly, this is becoming a trend now.

As time goes by, more and more dress shops are offering wedding dress rentals; perhaps, the reason for this is that demand is getting higher. Let’s find out why.

Low Cost

The price of renting a wedding dress depends upon the style and the quality of the dress. Moreover, each dress shop offers a price different from another shop. In addition, the market and the competition are also factors why prices of wedding dress rentals fluctuate.

However, the average cost of renting a dress is by far lower than the price of buying it. Usually, rental fees are 75% to 95% lower than the purchase price of the average wedding dress, let alone buying a more beautiful one. There are wedding dresses that can cost $5,000 and up, but you can rent some for as low as $70.


Why would you need to buy a wedding dress if you only used it once? This is the question that awakens many people who have become tied to the tradition of buying a wedding dress.

Keep in mind that a wedding dress rental is not like a real estate rental. In real estate, you can save a lot in purchasing a property more than renting it.

In a wedding dress, you won’t rent it repeatedly. After your wedding, you wouldn’t wear it any more. You may purchase one and pass it to your daughter in the future, but there is no guaranty your wedding dress will still be in style in the future.


Some people say that wedding dresses that are being rented have poor styles and designs. This isn’t true as there are many famous fashion designers which are also renting their signature brand and design trademarks. As a matter of fact, you can have a wide range of choices as more and more dress shops and boutiques are renting their own different styles of wedding dresses.

On the other hand, some designers offer custom-made designs. After you rent it, they can also rent it to others and customize it if necessary. It depends on the shop or the boutique you are visiting, but if you keep on checking there are bound to be more.

Tested and Proven

Some women who choose to buy their wedding dress tend to be excited to wear it. This excitement is sometimes mixed with fear and worry about how the dress will stay the same during the wedding.

If you rent a used dress, you can confirm its dependability by the shop who’s providing it as they can alter it for your size. It’s been worn before by another bride before you, so it has been tested and proven.


Renting a wedding dress is not something new. In fact, there are many dress shops that have been in wedding dress rental business for a long time already. However, it has become popular just recently. Although it is not a perfect option yet, the above advantages will continue to break the tradition.

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