Quirky Wedding Themes Your Guests Will Never Forget


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Want to organize a wedding ceremony that your guests will never forget? There’s one very simple way to do that – you just need to plan the whole day around a single theme. Lots of couples are starting to think of the hobbies and interests that they have in common, and are taking inspiration from these to help them plan their special day. So, which kinds of themes are tickling your fancy? Not too sure? No worries; here are some great ideas to get you started.

Movie And Hollywood Theme

If you and your fiance love watching movies together and spending your date night in your local cinema, then how about planning a Hollywood themed wedding? There are some really quirky small details that you can add to your ceremony to make your guests feel like they are in a movie. For example, when you are planning your seating plan, you might like the idea of naming each table after your favorite movies. If you have always wanted to walk down the red carpet, why not see about adding one to the aisle of the church! You might also want to talk to your wedding photographer about this particular theme. They might want to shoot all the pictures as if they were the paparazzi, giving you a taster of what life would be like if you were rich and famous!

Music Theme

For couples who love the same musicians and music styles, a music-themed wedding will be so much fun to organize! First of all, you need to think of the style of music that you want to pay homage to and think of its defining factors. For the likes of hip hop themed weddings, you might want to go big with your bling and wear a yellow gold engagement ring and wedding ring, as well as finding lots of golden and gilded decorations for the venue. If you and your fiance both love folk music, you might prefer to go for a bit more of a natural decor and some vintage decorations. You could even ask a local folk band to perform at your evening party.

Princess And Prince Charming Theme

Lots of girls imagine a fairytale wedding, in which they are the belle of the ball and the centre of attention. Why give up on this dream just because you are now all grown up?! You can still have the perfect fairytale wedding of your dreams! And the best way to plan one is to give yours a princess and Prince Charming theme. For this kind of wedding, you will need the biggest wedding dress that you can find! You should also ensure that your future groom gets a suit that Prince Charming would wear, for example one, that comes complete with a top hat and tails. You can also incorporate this theme into your wedding cake. Ask your chosen.

International Wedding

Do you and your fiance come from two completely different countries or cultures? Then why not hold an international wedding, one in which you can celebrate these two completely different places where you are from. You should bring all the wedding traditions from each country and incorporate them into your ceremony. Maybe one culture has a specific food or drink that is usually consumed on wedding days? Why not include that in your organization and planning. Lots of countries also have some quirky activities that take place during weddings, such as Germany’s log sawing and Greece’s plate smashing. Your guests will certainly enjoy the day if it is filled with this fun little additions to the usual wedding ceremony and reception!

Historical Wedding

Couples who are history aficionados might like the idea of taking their wedding back in time and setting it in their favorite period of history. Why not theme your wedding around the Tudors and eat the wedding food and wear the wedding clothes that they would have? Or you might prefer to replicate a Victorian or Ancient Roman wedding. When it comes to historical weddings, you can take yours back to any period you like. Just remember to add a note to the invites suggesting that your guests join in with the theme and dress in period costume!

How will you theme your wedding? No matter what you go for, I’m sure your guests will be unable to forget it!


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