Put Yourself Into Your Guests’ Shoes

Wedding Reception

Getting married is the experience of a lifetime. You will find it equally challenging as it is exciting. For most brides, this is the moment where they can plan the entire day according to their childhood dreams – and if they can too, indulge with a gigantic wedding cake and a fantastic princess dress. However, it can be easy to forget an essential element of your wedding day: Your guests. You need to consider that most guests are traveling far to be there on your special day. Naturally, they come because they want to share the joy with you, but it’s important to make your wedding reception as enjoyable for them as possible. After all, for some people, coming to a wedding costs a lot of money and time. As much as they might like you, they will also appreciate a pleasant arrangement that takes their needs into account. Remember that there’s nothing worse than a grumpy guest to ruin the day. So make it work for them too! 

Information Is Vital For Everyone

As you set a date for your wedding and decide to send the invitations, it is important to keep your future guests informed. This starts by the preparation of the invitation. Don’t keep it too light-worded as your guests will need to know exactly where and when you are getting married. This implies setting a clear date and time, as well as giving the exact location of the venue. At best, you should be preparing directions and a map of how to get there for guests who will be traveling. This might sound like a lot, but they will be grateful. Additionally, if you have chosen a specific dress code, such as specific colors or a style that you want your guests to wear, you will need to make it clear on the invitation. This can be part of a follow-up information round for those who accepted your invitation if you are worried about overwhelming your friends with piles of data. Some couples even choose to start a wedding website to provide all the information in the same place.

Put Yourself Literally Into Their Shoes

When you are choosing the venue, you will need to think of what your guests will need to know. For example, if you decide to organize a garden reception in your favorite Midwest’s best wedding venue – the Midwest is often described as typical of the entire nation, so it’s the best location if you want everyone to feel at home – you may want to test the venue for all common guest issues. Outdoor receptions are lively and romantic, but they don’t come without problems: mosquitos, heels sinking into the ground, guests getting cold, sunburns, etc. In short, you will need to think of the risks for them and to plan around it. Additionally, remember that your guests might be staying for a couple of days after the ceremony. So make sure to keep a list of the local attractions and best restaurants in your info guide for them.

Make It A Smooth Day

Sometimes people lose their way, or they are stuck in traffic. Whatever the reason, it’s not uncommon for guests to arrive late, even with the best of will. So join a list of emergency contacts to your invitations so that they can get in touch with the best person to help them. Additionally, you should also prepare a list of food allergies to pass on your catering company. Most companies can create a menu within the limitation of allergies. But if there are some free-from dishes among the menu to keep everybody satisfied, then you should make your guests aware of it. You don’t want people to worry about the food during your big day.

Keep The Reception Enjoyable

Last, but not least, your reception is a big element of the wedding preparation. If you are wondering about table plans, you should know that 84% of guests prefer assigned seating. They feel a lot less nervous about finding a free seat. If you choose to arrange tables, do make sure to prepare short introduction cards for each guest, so that the conversation can easily get going around each table. This will avoid the awkward silence around the table! If you want to avoid further awkward moments, you need to keep all speeches short and sweet. The bride’s father might want to make a long speech, but don’t allocate anybody more than a few minutes. Your guests didn’t come to attend a lecture.

Keep it short and sweetMake it an extraordinary day for your guests


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