Picking “THE” Dress

Selecting a Wedding Dress

Jessica Longa, Wedding and Gala Event Specialist  at the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa give advice for selecting the right dress. Once you have your venue, date and theme, now you need the DRESS! While your wedding date may seem like it is ages away, it is imperative to make some bridal salon appointments sooner rather than later. Some people may think it is too early, but it is imperative to order your wedding gown nine months before your wedding day.

This will allow enough time to create the dress and have time for alterations without having to pay for rush shipping. Aside from the fact that it may take you some time to find the One, you will need to perfectly time your three fittings, allowing for several custom alterations. Shopping for a wedding dress is a roller coaster of emotions.

It is best to prepare yourself before you step into a store with hundreds of dress options. You may have pinned some ideas on Pinterest, but you still have no idea how those styles would look on you. My suggestion is to start narrowing down your search by silhouette. You may find that you are interested in more A-Line style dresses than Fit and Flares and this decision alone will help you find the perfect dress for you. Also think about your wedding venue, atmosphere and style, your dress will want to coincide with all of these important aspects of the wedding. It is important to have at least an idea of what you want instead of trying on dress after dress without wanting to make a commitment. This can lead to becoming overwhelmed by options and not staying true to your style.

It is without question that you will bring an entourage with you, but make sure to vocalize to your consultant on how you feel about the dress before you start listening to others opinions. Remember that just because you feel “beautiful” in a dress doesn’t mean that it is the one for you. Any opinions from your family and friends can influence your decision and bring you farther away from what you actually want. Remember to stay true to yourself and find the gown that you don’t ever want to take off. When people say that you will “just know” when it is the right dress for you, they are telling the truth. Now go and, “Say Yes to the Dress!”

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