It’s all in the Details

Wedding Details

Most brides to be have spent months preparing for their big day. They have picked the dress, ordered the cake, reserved the hall, and made arrangements for food, photos, and flowers. Sounds like the check list is complete, but you might have forgotten a few of the small details. These things are not a big deal, but they can add to the over-all elegance of your wedding day.

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Bridal Makeup Tips: The Dos and the Don’ts

Bridal Makeup Tips

In all that turmoil of wedding preparations, when you’re focusing on the guest list, the flowers, the seating arrangement, and of course the dress, one thing can be forgotten – your makeup. Now since that special date’s approaching, naturally you want to look like a Botticelli’s Venus – as you should. So my dear brides-to-be, we’re going to give you a few dos and don’ts on how to have that perfect makeup on your wedding day.

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Bridal Boutique Talk

The Dress Matters Bridal Boutique

We are thrilled to spotlight The Dress Matters Bridal and Prom Boutique. This cute shop, which is located outside of Philadelphia recently celebrated the third anniversary. Krista Patton Photography captured the essence of the boutique brilliantly.

The boutique has made their mark in the Philadelphia area with a selection of beautiful dresses, top-notch staff, networking with industry partners and an unprecedented amount of awards in a relatively short period of time. The boutique has won several area “Best Of” awards. Here’s a very pretty look into the boutique.

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Top Tips for Booking Your Scottish Wedding Band

Selecting a band for your wedding

With the people of Scotland being natural music lovers, it’s no surprise that wedding bands are growing in number. Varieties in genre and approach to this audio art are now more diverse. On the upside, this means there’s a much lesser chance you won’t find the kind of band you want. Yet on the flipside, scouring for the right one now proves to be a much more disconcerting task, regardless of how much you love music.

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Picking “THE” Dress

Selecting a Wedding Dress

Jessica Longa, Wedding and Gala Event Specialist  at the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa give advice for selecting the right dress. Once you have your venue, date and theme, now you need the DRESS! While your wedding date may seem like it is ages away, it is imperative to make some bridal salon appointments sooner rather than later. Some people may think it is too early, but it is imperative to order your wedding gown nine months before your wedding day.

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Celebrating Your Upcoming Union with Environmentally Friendly Accessories

Wedding bands

Couples traditionally exchange rings as they take their wedding vows. Until the last few decades, people who wanted to give rings made out of gemstones had little recourse but to buy diamonds that were produced through controversial and even violent means.

When you want to do your part to protect the environment and avoid engaging in practices that support questionable mining industries, you may prefer to buy jewelry made out of conflict-free gemstones. You can find rings, Brilliant Earth jewelry, necklaces, and more when you shop online today.

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Beautiful Honeymoon in Spain

Real Wedding

Alexandr and Ekaterina are a gorgeous couple. They both come from Russia and got married recently. After their perfect wedding they wanted a perfect and unforgettable honeymoon. Their idea was to take beautiful photos on a beach as they enjoyed the sun, the sea and the sand. For that, they choose Spain as the location. Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz put it all together. Such a lovely honeymoon.

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Your Wedding Day: What Are The Most Important Things

Wedding Day

Photo Credit

The whole planning phase of the big day is all-consuming, there are plenty of things buzzing around your head, and you will have big concerns and little concerns, but it’s mainly the small things are looming large in your mind. It’s human nature to panic about some minor detail while ignoring the bigger picture, and something like a wedding day is where you feel that every single detail needs to go right, from the type of table settings at the wedding reception to the drape over the toilet door! And while these are little touches that can add a minor sparkle to the day, it’s the big things you need to remember…

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