Celebrating Your Upcoming Union with Environmentally Friendly Accessories

Wedding bands

Couples traditionally exchange rings as they take their wedding vows. Until the last few decades, people who wanted to give rings made out of gemstones had little recourse but to buy diamonds that were produced through controversial and even violent means.

When you want to do your part to protect the environment and avoid engaging in practices that support questionable mining industries, you may prefer to buy jewelry made out of conflict-free gemstones. You can find rings, Brilliant Earth jewelry, necklaces, and more when you shop online today.

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Beautiful Honeymoon in Spain

Real Wedding

Alexandr and Ekaterina are a gorgeous couple. They both come from Russia and got married recently. After their perfect wedding they wanted a perfect and unforgettable honeymoon. Their idea was to take beautiful photos on a beach as they enjoyed the sun, the sea and the sand. For that, they choose Spain as the location. Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz put it all together. Such a lovely honeymoon.

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Your Wedding Day: What Are The Most Important Things

Wedding Day

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The whole planning phase of the big day is all-consuming, there are plenty of things buzzing around your head, and you will have big concerns and little concerns, but it’s mainly the small things are looming large in your mind. It’s human nature to panic about some minor detail while ignoring the bigger picture, and something like a wedding day is where you feel that every single detail needs to go right, from the type of table settings at the wedding reception to the drape over the toilet door! And while these are little touches that can add a minor sparkle to the day, it’s the big things you need to remember…

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How To Get Your Wedding As Close To The Fairytale As Possible

Make your wedding a fairytale

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Everybody wants the fairytale wedding. We’re brainwashed with the image from a young age, whether we like it or not. It’s hard not to want the lavish venue, the crowd of your loved ones, and the beautiful ceremony which is entirely dedicated to celebrating a union with the person you love. Of course, real life can never be quite like a Disney film, and none of us would really want it to be. That doesn’t mean you don’t want your wedding to be as close as possible to the fairy tale wedding, however. Here are some tips to hopefully help you on your journey towards achieving that.

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Top 5 Trends in Wedding Favors for 2017

Top 5 wedding trends



Just like big-shouldered bridesmaid dresses and Croquembouche wedding cakes, all wedding trends peak and wane, as sure as the seasons come and go — and wedding favors are no exception.

Given to guests as a token of appreciation for their participation in the celebration of your marriage, the tradition of wedding favors began with the presentation of precious stones and sweet treats to guests in centuries past across Europe as a sign of fertility, wealth, longevity, health and happiness.

From precious stones to personalized koozies, we explore the top trends in wedding favors for 2017.

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Paloma Blanca Fall 2017 Collection


Paloma Blanca

Paloma Blanca introduces a bridal collection that evokes the opulence and elegance of the true Paloma bride.  The alluring collection was inspired by timeless beauty and sophistication. The attention to detail and fabric quality is prominent throughout each gown. This collection introduces a rich Satin Twill fabric, intricately beaded Chantilly lace and exquisite beadings that embody a glamorous feel. The luxurious fabrics compliment the voluminous skirts, sultry corset bodices and dramatic back detailing of each gown. Here are some beautiful dresses from the collection.

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Getting What You Want Out Of Your Wedding


Wedding presents

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Traditionally, guests going to a wedding will give gifts to the bride and groom to celebrate their new connection to each other. For some, wedding gifts won’t be important at all. And, for others, this sort of gesture will make the day perfect. But, of course, it can be a challenge when it comes to telling your guests what they should get you. You don’t want to be rude or presumptive. But, you don’t want them to waste their money. So, you need to find a good middle-ground. To help you do this, this post will be going through some of the best ways to plan the gifts you want.

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A Positive Reception


Wedding Reception

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No doubt you’re in the thick of it now. Deciding on the fine details, from the clothes to the food, but a lot of people may judge your wedding, not by the nuptials themselves, but rather the wedding reception. And it’s a party that has to be unlike no other, and certainly for you as the bride or groom, you need it to be the party to end all parties! Have you thought about this yet? If not, let’s give you some inspiration before the big day!

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