It’s all in the Details

Wedding Details

Most brides to be have spent months preparing for their big day. They have picked the dress, ordered the cake, reserved the hall, and made arrangements for food, photos, and flowers. Sounds like the check list is complete, but you might have forgotten a few of the small details. These things are not a big deal, but they can add to the over-all elegance of your wedding day.

Guest Appreciation

Your guests have gone out of their way to take time off from work and spend this day with you. Many have been busy for weeks with shopping for your gift, coordinating their clothing, and possibly offering some last minute help. Show them how much this means to you by leaving a special gift at each place setting. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just sincere. Attach a note of thanks to a heart shaped cookie cutter or votive candle.

Entertain the Children

If you have decided to invite children to your wedding, you can make the reception fun for them as well as easier on the parents by creating a kid’s corner. Set aside a small area just for children. Leave out toys for a variety of age groups. Place children’s sized tables and chairs around with coloring books and crayons. You could even enlist the help of a friend or family member to help them play some group games.

The Last Look

You have certainly prepared for your first look with your spouse to be, but have you thought about how you will look as you part from your wedding guests? Many brides will leave their gown behind with a family member if they are leaving on a honeymoon immediately after the party. You don’t want to come out and say goodbye to everyone in an old t-shirt and pair of jeans. Choose a nice outfit from a clothing retailer like Peak Fashion Boutique to wear.

Now that you can say with confidence that you have covered every last detail of your wedding day, you can rest assured that it truly will be that wedding of your dreams. These small details will be the difference between a typical wedding and one that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

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