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Unique engagement rings

Eventually in life there comes a point where everyone must make the decision to pursue excellence or to settle.  Nowhere is this decision more evident than in the design of custom engagement rings and wedding bands at Krikawa.

Consider for a moment the process from the customer’s point of view.  These are the people that want to speak to the world about their unique relationship through the product that Krikawa creates.  This custom ring reflects not only the very nature of the relationship but captures the imagination, originality, and creativity of the people involved as well.  Customer input at the conceptual level serves, as it well should, as the baseline of the finished product.  

At the other end of the line stands the creator of the finished product. Here the designers and craftsmen at Krikawa become more than simple employees of a company.  Here the staff embraces a concept and creates.  In doing so they capture something more than what the combination of jewels, precious metals and stones is.  How often has it been said that the finished product produced with heart and drive becomes more than the sum of its parts. The many design and craftsmanship awards garnished over the years by Krikawa speaks extremely well of their ability to perform the task. Luxury diamond engagement rings may well be formed by the elements of their design but it takes much more than that to achieve recognition of the concept from which they are born.  Customer or custom ring designer there comes the choice to settle, or, as in the case of every unique wedding band, or unique engagement ring designed by Krikawa, to settle for nothing less than excellence.

Photo courtesy of Krikawa


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