How to Successfully DJ a Wedding

Tips for DJs

Besides bringing your professionalism and desire to make your clients happy, as a wedding DJ you also have an opportunity to leave the happy couple and their guests with memories of an unforgettable event. Depending on the newlyweds’ preferences, you may or may not have a lot of room when crafting the set list for their affair. However, some essential tips keep everyone happy while keeping you in gigs and furthering your reputation as a solid professional in the business.

Make the Most of Your Initial Consultations With Clients

It’s important to make sure you understand the couple’s expectations, so be sure to clarify all important details. You’ll need to know if you have some creative latitude, or if you’ll be expected to stick strictly to a pre-set playlist. Additionally, keep a list of their “do not play” songs and don’t budge on any requests for these. Finally, make sure you comprehend their preferences for how you work the crowd. Will you just be the person at the booth playing music, or will you be able to inject some of your own style and personality? Make sure you’re on the same page as your clients and you won’t go wrong.

Know Your Music, Stay Organized and Be Prepared

Ever feel your heart race when you can’t find your keys? Now multiply that feeling by 15. That’s how you’ll feel when you can’t find the music you need in a pinch. That’s why an organizational system is critical for your music files, but choose one that makes sense to you. Whether you group by genre, by artist or by category, it’s vital that you know how to find what you need rapidly Additionally, keep iTunes and mobile internet service subscriptions current. You’ll never know when you’ll need them.

Furthermore, make sure your knowledge of music encompasses popular tracks as well as your own favorites. You’ll sometimes need to figure out what a guest means when he or she asks for a song, and it will help during your first meeting with the couple if they need music suggestions. For weddings, it’s also a good idea to know typically requested tracks in common categories such as “first dance music” or “garter toss songs.” You’ll keep clients happy as well as build your reputation.

Keep Your Equipment in Top Shape

In the trade, it’s typical to experience major equipment failures, electrical issues or corrupt music files. That’s why readiness is important. Test your setup well in advance of your gig, and check your music files to ensure that they’re still playable and sounding great. Finally, ensure that you backup your music files regularly to an alternative drive just in case the unthinkable happens.

Deal Nicely But Firmly With Drunken Guests

You’ll see them at every wedding: toasted beyond belief and pestering you to play that song. Your best strategy is to follow the couple’s specifications as well as use your own best judgment. If the newlyweds don’t want that song played, you’re off the hook. However, you still need to deal politely with the requester no matter what. A simple response such as “I’m very sorry, but the couple has asked me not to play that song” or “I’m afraid there isn’t room in the set list tonight” might go a long way. For requests on which you don’t have advanced directives, you’ll have to determine whether they’re appropriate for the event and venue.

Professionalism, Expertise and Preparedness Pave the Way for Success

Being a wedding DJ might seem to be a tall order. However, these steps will contribute to your delivery of great services as well as keep you in demand. Maintaining a professional demeanor, engaging in careful planning and organization, regularly testing your equipment and staying knowledgeable of popular music are all keys to your success. Don’t neglect any of these if you want to continue being a wedding DJ.

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