How to Select the Right Flowers for Your Wedding Day

Selecting flowers for your wedding day

Your wedding day is a very iconic day, especially for you as the bride. The pressure of making sure that everything will happen exactly how you want it to is quite immense. It is very likely that you will start organizing for this day even months in advance so that you may get everything in place to fulfill your dream wedding. Handling all these issues can be overwhelming for one person and you will have to hire a wedding planner to help you go about all this. One of the things you most definitely will take into keen consideration is the kind of flowers that will be used. As a lady, you most likely are already aware of what your favorite kind of flower is. However, your personal favorite preference is not the only thing to consider when it comes to picking the right flowers. The color and how they can be arranged to fit the theme of the wedding are also other factors. Picking the right flowers that you are pleased with while considering all these factors can be quite tedious! Here are some strategies to help you in that situation:

  1. Make a choice on the bouquets of the bridesmaids.

The flowers of the bridesmaids should maintain the color theme but can be of a different shape from the one of the bride. For example, if a trailing bouquet is used for you as the bride, the bridesmaids can have round bouquets to give distinction to the one that you have. All the bouquets can also be of the same color, but in case a different color is used for your bridesmaids’ bouquets, the colors should blend well with your bouquet as well as the general color theme of your wedding. Having a situation whereby the colors don’t blend well can give the impression of too many disorganized colors and will not be a pleasant site when pictures are taken.

  1. Figure out the locations you want flowers to be placed in your wedding.

Flowers in a wedding should give the impression of individuality and have a very unique look. You can get a wide variety of top-quality flowers from well-known florists like Minneapolis Wedding Flowers. The flowers can be simple or have a complex look. Whatever the case, they should complement the theme and even complement you in your wedding dress. If you want to display some bouquets in the church, they will have to be large so as to be effective in the large space of the church. Small bouquets in this area will hardly be seen and the difference will barely be noticeable.

  1. Consider the bridegroom and also the groomsmen.

The men could also have some flowers on to make the suits blend in more effectively to the color theme of the wedding.  The bridegroom and groomsmen can wear a boutonniere or a single flower. The groomsmen should wear the boutonniere and the bridegroom can wear something more distinct like a single flower that is similar to one in the bridal bouquet.


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