How To Plan Your Perfect Wedding Day

How to Organize the Perfect Wedding Day

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It’s every girls’ dream day, and one they’ll have been thinking about for years. Planning a wedding is certainly something you don’t want to rush into. It takes months of careful planning and organisation. Something which can be tricky to keep on top off if you work a full-time job! So how do you make sure your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible?

I’ve come up with five steps you need to follow to get your big day just right.

  • Don’t rush into things

As I’ve mentioned before, a wedding takes careful and thoughtful planning. It’s not something you can organise right at the last minute, especially if you want a fairytale event. Sit down together with your partner and discuss what each of you want from the day. Do you want an intimate ceremony? A rustic theme perhaps? Once you both know your ideal day, then it’s time to start thinking about the basics and booking things.

  • View different venues

You’ll no doubt have an idea of your ideal Wellington Wedding Venues. But even though one looks great in pictures, it may not live up to your expectations when you see it in the flesh. So take a look around different venues in your area to see which fits your high standards. You’ll be able to chat with staff and see what kind of day they can plan for you. You may even be able to negotiate on the price!

  • Send your invitations out in good time

Imagine turning up to your wedding and there is no one there! To ensure your guests know to save the date send out your invitations, at least, six months in advance. This also gives them time to book time off work, if necessary.

  • Take time to chat to different photographers

You’ll have your wedding photographs for a very long time after the big event and will always have them as a cute keepsake. You’ll, therefore, need to choose a photographer whose work and style you are completely happy with. It’s not a good idea to go with one who’ style of photography could look dated in a few years time. Talk to different photographers about their work and ask to look at their portfolios. When you’re happy you’ve found the one, book him straight away so you don’t miss out.

  • Don’t pretend to be Superwoman

No one wants to become a Bridezilla! As much as you’d love to be completely in charge of your big day, and plan everything yourself, this isn’t always feasibly possible. Don’t forget your fiance is there to help, and he will probably love to be involved! If you need an extra pair of hands, ask your bridesmaids or close relatives if they have any time to help out with all the organisation. Involving other people lets you relax a bit. It also turns the whole day into a team effort, and will create strong bonds between you, your fiance and the helpers.

So for an unforgettable day, stick to this list and you’ll have an amazing wedding!

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