Hot Spots for Destination Weddings – Where Can You Bring the Whole Wedding Party

Destination Weddings

Making sure that your wedding goes perfect is something that all of us are craving for; after all, it’s one of the most important decisions and days in our lives, so why do it like other couples and go the easy way? Destination weddings have become something of an attraction among young couples looking to spend their special day in a very different way than you’d imagine: by arranging the wedding somewhere far off where both the future husband and wife always dreamed of being wed. So why not do it? We’re here to offer some tips on where your special day could take place, and who knows? It might just spark your curiosity.


Starting off with Mexico and beaches of Los Cabos and Conzumel and their beautiful sandy shores, Mexico is a very memorable place for a destination wedding because of its specific feel. Private villas, restaurants, venues and desert regions offer a movie-like feeling with their hot summers and windy nights. To top it off, why not do the ceremony in a chapel inside the Mayan Jungle? It’s both memorable and otherworldly for its long history and beautiful sights.


At the top of the list when it comes to Europe destination weddings, Italy offers regions like Tuscan or cities like Florence, Venice, Rome, Capri and many others that have beautiful scenic villas and ancient renaissance architecture. The palaces and churches are so many to pick from, that you’ll be amazed at how many options you have when it comes to Italy and its rich history.

Las Vegas

It might be popular for its quick weddings and gambling history but spending that special night in Sin City might just be the thing you’re looking for. The night clubs, restaurants, numerous venues with indoor and outdoor services offer plenty of options. Imagine for a moment, spending a wedding on a rooftop overlooking the entire Las Vegas in all of its nighttime glory, and you’re surely to remember your wedding day only by the best it had to offer.

Destination Wedding


Choosing any island or a seaside resort in Hawaii is a sure way to excite your guests and have an amazing wedding day. The sheer amount of outdoor options here is unimaginable. Whatever your heart desires, Hawaii provides; from beaches that offer great atmosphere to local cuisine and drinks which are a must if you plan on arranging your wedding day in Hawaii. Your guests will love you, and you’ll love every moment of it.


One word to describe why you’d want to have a destination wedding in France: the castles. France is well known for its 17th century castles, chateau and estates that offer a historic and memorable place to arrange a wedding. Choosing which one suits you best is as easy as looking it up online, just make sure that it fits whatever criteria you might have; the castles themselves are period pieces and changing anything up at the actual estate might not be as easy as sprucing up a venue exactly like you’d want it to be.

The Bahamas

The exotic Bahamas Islands comes with a wealth of fascinating destinations and wedding resorts. Paradise Island Resort and Atlantis Resort are just two of the many exclusive places where you can host your wedding ceremony. In case you’d like something more intimate, then you should explore the many cottages scattered throughout the Bahamas. Choose the one that’s the most intimate and appealing, and enjoy your big day to the fullest. This region is incredibly romantic; the smooth sand, quiet beaches and calm ocean will compliment the all-natural décor. Your guests will definitely appreciate your choice of venue.

Destination Wedding

Choose a wedding venue that’s original, good-looking and unique. This way you’ll have the best ceremony, and both you and your guests will have the greatest time. Whether you’re into rustic villas somewhere in the mountains or you’d prefer to organize your ceremony on the beach, the main idea is to make everyone feel good. The serene scenery will induce a feeling of great peace and tranquility. Rejoice in that feeling and make the most of the most important day in your life.

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