He’s Popped The Question, Now What?

What to do after you are engaged

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It all starts with the word ‘Yes.’ As soon as you have accepted your man’s proposal, you would be surprised how quickly girls start with the planning. After all, there’s so much to sort and organize to ensure you have the big day of your dreams. And it’s such an exciting time, so make sure you enjoy the time you are engaged. After all, it will zoom past and you will soon be saying ‘I Do.’ Of course, it’s easy to go off route when planning your wedding. In fact, some people start doing certain things that don’t actually need doing till a couple of months before the wedding day. Therefore here are some of the first few things you should do after he has popped the question.

Have a celebratory engagement party

Getting engaged is a big thing that does need celebrating. After all, your other half has asked you to spend the rest of your life with him. And it’s a great time to celebrate the love you have for each other. Therefore, to ensure you do make the most of your engagement, it’s time to throw an engagement party. You might want to announce it then in front of your nearest and dearest. After all, it will be a fantastic surprise for them to know then that you are going to get hitched. Or tell everyone first and then they can come and celebrate with you. You will need to find a great venue which will hold all your family and friends. And organize some drinks and nibbles, so everyone has a good time. Remember to get a great photo of you and your beau so you can look back at it in years to come as your official engagement photo.

Go and choose a ring together

It’s becoming more common for the man to propose without a ring. After all, girls love to pick out the jewelry that they will have to wear for the rest of their life. And it can help their other half to feel more confident if they let their special lady have input. In fact, this study said 55% think women should have some input on choosing the ring. Therefore, if your beau has decided you can make the decision, now is the time to go and choose the ring. After all, you don’t want it to be long without that beautiful diamond on your finger. Head to the stores with your man to look at rings. Even though you are making the decision, you should let him have some input too. Make sure you try different rings on as you might find something looks better on. And go to different stores as they will have brands like Tacori Engagement Rings which might suit your style and finger better!

Set a date

You next need to sit down with your other half and think about when you would like to get hitched. After all, if your other half doesn’t want to get married for a couple of years, you might not need to start your planning so quickly. However, if you do want to get married within the next 18 months, you will need to get planning sooner rather than later. Therefore, decide on a timescale and then think of a date. Is there a particular date that is special to you both? A lot of couples opt for their anniversary of when they met. Or they might even go for their grandparents’ wedding day. Talk about potential dates, and then you can tell your family you have set a date.

Decide on your wedding party

As soon as your friends and family hear you are getting hitched, they will wonder if they will get to be part of the wedding party for your special day. And to ensure nobody gets the wrong end of the stick, you need to decide on your wedding party as soon as possible. Sit down with your other half and make a list of people you really want to be part of your day. Make sure you are both happy with the person so that it doesn’t make for an uncomfortable big day. Decide a specific number when it comes to bridesmaids and ushers. Otherwise, you might end up having too many on your special day. And once you have decided on the peeps, ask them sooner rather than later. That way, no one else will accidently become part of your wedding party! After all, moms and mother in laws will have opinions on who you should have as part of the wedding party. Therefore, tell them in advance who you are having and make sure you stick to your guns.

Write out a guest list

After deciding on your wedding party, it’s time to think about the rest of the guest list. It can be a challenge to decide who will be coming along to the wedding. After all, you can’t have as many as you would probably like as weddings are so expensive. You should both write a list and then decide who are ‘definites’ and who are ‘maybes.’ It’s best to work on your own lists first before you involve other people. After all, your families both might have extra people who they want to invite. Therefore, decide on a specific number and try to work it so that you get as close to that number as possible.

Get a wedding planner

Before you get planning, you need to consider getting a wedding planner. Although this might be in some cases a professional who can plan your wedding, we are referring to a book which holds all your plans and ideas. After all, these are excellent in ensuring you get everything sorted. They will remind you of what you should be doing in the next month, so you don’t forget anything important. And you can jot down ideas of beautiful dresses, shoes, and decor that you see in the run up to your wedding. You can get a wedding planner book online or in some special occasion stores.

And remember to start looking into wedding venues as soon as you get a date. A lot of these get booked up to two years ahead, so the sooner you choose one, the better to secure your perfect date!

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