Four Easy Ways Technology Can Improve Your Wedding

Four Easy Ways Technology Can Improve Your Wedding

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Modern brides have a lot to think about these days. You may be surprised to learn that there are some cool ways that technology can enhance your wedding. Try out one of the tips below for a techno-friendly day.


Lots of brides choose to have a wedding website these days. This is a cheap and useful addition to the wedding planning. Firstly it provides quick and easy access to information that all your guests will need. Such as location of the service and reception, hotels in the local area, and meal choices as well.

Another useful aspect of a wedding website is that you can customise it to your wedding colours and style. You can also include your engagement photo shoot pictures and your wedding list.


Another brilliant way of using technology to improve your wedding is to use it for the photos. Of course, you’re going to want to have a professional photographer, and they will probably use a digital camera. Check out some beautiful poses for inspiration here.

Try asking people to use their phones to take photos, instead of providing disposable cameras on the table at your reception. Remember if your guests would like to take pictures of the ceremony, get them to wait until the officiant has given them permission.  Then get your guest to use social media to upload the photos. This means you get a ready made record of your day. Sites like Instagram and Facebook are great for this. Perhaps the bridesmaids or maid of honor could do a Snapchat timeline of the day? You could try for some event specific filters that are just for you and your wedding.

Email invitations

One of the most expensive items when planning a wedding can be the invitations. This is because the invitations themselves because quite a lot of money and then you have to pay the postage on top. You also have to pay to get their replies back to you. Why not use email invitations instead of the traditional paper ones. These are quick and easy to write. They are also low cost, and you can easily keep a spreadsheet of acceptances and rejections. Many of the wedding websites offer this service as an integrated feature. This means it is very easy to see, at a glance, who’s coming and who isn’t.


From the first dance to late night disco, music is a major part of a wedding. If it is really important that your guest gets up and boogie, you may want to use the email invites to request 1 to 5 of their favourite songs. This makes sure that there’s something for everyone and will get everybody up and dancing in the evening. If you have a band, not a DJ you may have some time when the band is not performing. If this is the case why not create a wedding playlist on your phone or electronic device and play it through the venue’s speakers. This means you get all your favourite tunes without the cost of hiring a DJ.

Four Easy Ways Technology Can Improve Your Wedding

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No matter how you use  technology to improve your wedding day, make sure it is fun and easy, and you should have some memories to last a lifetime.


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