Different Ideas For A Unique Wedding

Ideas for a unique wedding

When you’re organizing your big day, you’ll notice a lot of the stuff you look at is all pretty much the same. There’s only so many combinations of bells manufacturers can print on different pieces of wedding decor before it gets boring. And if you’re honest – no girl wants to have the same things at her wedding as everyone else. So what can you do to set your big day apart? You want it to be memorable, for all the right reasons. It’s important that your big day reflects your personality, after all, this day is all about you and the beginning of your new life together. Get it started in the most special way possible.

Hire a Funfair

As wedding receptions go, this is one idea that is certainly lots and lots of fun. And why wouldn’t it be? Imagine the thrills and spills of the fair and with all your best friends? It’s going to be a day you’ll never, ever forget. It also makes for great wedding photographs too, and your guests will be talking it about it for months afterwards. You can choose what style of entertainment you’d like – are you after all the modern white knuckle rides? Or would you prefer a gentler, vintage feel? The only limit is your imagination!

Photo Booth Fun

For a twist on traditional pictures, why not hire a wedding photo booth? You’ll be able to provide some great mementos and keepsakes of the day for all of your guests. Supply some props and you’ll have some really amusing photos come out of the booth! Think picture frames, hats, glasses and mustaches. You can buy kits online which are perfect. Your guests will get to show off their flamboyant side, and will definitely remember your big day!

Do Your Guests a Favor

If your friends love to party then why not do them a favor with your favors? Little packs of painkillers and other hangover cures are a great conversation starter. You might prevent a few headaches the next day! They’re quirky and amusing, and certainly not something you see at many weddings. Remember to get an alternative gift for children – it’s important to think of all your guests. And if they’re tea total, it might not be appreciated, so do think of your guests first.

Your Friends Are Like Family

Instead of the formal table plan, why not make one or two big tables, where everyone sits around them, family style. Don’t allocate places and let your guests all get to know each other. These days, people live so far apart is is common for any of your guests never to has met before. We also have friends in different areas – work, hobbies, old school friends, that it’s nice if they can all mingle. Your wedding will be a lot more welcoming for it.

If you have had a unique wedding, would you like to share your story? You can leave comments below. It’s always fascinating to see what other people come up with; it can be really inspiring!


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