Destination Weddings That Are Still (Technically) In The USA

US Destination Weddings

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There’s no doubt that destination weddings have grown more and more in popularity over recent years – and it’s easy to see why. Your wedding photos can be delightful, the guest list is naturally trimmed, and you get your wedding and honeymoon all in one.

With that said, destination weddings do have a downside – dealing with all the paperwork and requirements to marry in another country. No one wants a ton of red tape to deal with the moment you get home, when you should be focusing on just transitioning to married life. So how about getting all the benefits of a destination wedding, but still on US soil?

It is possible; here are five options to consider…

  1. Alaska

Always dreamed of a winter wedding? Well, you can have one pretty much-year round by venturing to the northernmost US state. Exchange vows in front of a glacier or after hiking up a dormant volcano, while your wedding breakfast can be held around an open, roaring fireplace. Even in the height of summer, the temperature rarely tips over 64F(18C), so it’s the perfect winter wedding destination at almost any time of year.

  1. Hawaii

If there’s one thing to know about a Hawaii wedding, it’s that it will be picturesque. You could be the bride and groom getting married on the beach, the sun shining down as you share your union in one of the most stunning places in the world. Hawaii is a popular honeymoon destination, but why not just cut to the point and hold the entire event there? The climate is excellent year round, rarely dipping below 18C(65F) but rarely reaching over 32C(90F) – perfect for whatever you might have planned.

  1. Guam

Moving from the non-mainland states and into territories, Guam is an excellent choice if you want an island wedding with a difference. Although the industry is less well-established than in Hawaii, there’s still plenty of scope to take advantage of the stunning beaches and year-round warm temperatures.

  1. American Samoa

Another territory, American Samoa is comprised of seven islands located around 4,000km from Australia’s east coast. The island you’ll want to aim for in terms of a wedding is Tutuila, which features stunning beaches and the main tourist attractions. Here, you’ll find a diverse range of flora and fauna, as well as rainforests and coral reefs. Just remember to plan your wedding outside of the annual October-May rainy season!

  1. US Virgin Islands

Moving away from the Pacific Basin, why not consider the Caribbean option of the US Virgin Islands? The US Virgin islands are three islands, with the capital Charlotte Amalie found on the island of Saint Thomas. As you’d expect from a Caribbean destination, the Virgin Islands are surrounded by clear blue water and beautiful beaches.

So which of these non-mainland USA states and territories do you think might be able to tempt you for a destination wedding with a twist?

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