Cayman Luxury Weddings By The Beach Are ‘The Thing’ In 2016. Here’s Why!

Cayman Luxury Weddings by the Beach

As the world continues to spin around its axis in 2016, you will probably have discovered for yourself that amidst all the uncertainties that life has thrown against you, one very special person stands certain in your life, that is the one you have decided to marry. Now that you have decided to marry and say ‘I do’ to your beau, you might want to experience something exquisite, luxurious and breathtaking as a part of your wedding event and ceremony. Of course  for your wedding this year, you might have various  ideas about the destination, you can still choose  a worthwhile wedding theme in the form of a luxury beach wedding that you will cherish for a lifetime. So, why not head off to the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean, where you can plan your wedding on one of the spectacular, remarkable, and gorgeous beaches that dot this place.

Location, Location, Location

To give you a brief idea about the location of this destination, the Cayman Islands is in the Caribbean Sea and lie 150 miles South of Cuba.  The water here is outstandingly clear, with beautiful coral reefs that makes it an excellent tourist destination for a wedding. It also provides a perfect backdrop for a picturesque wedding.

So, if it is your dream to get married in a perfect destination that has a white sandy beach and  beautiful turquoise sea in the background, then you can choose Cayman Islands.  The Cayman Islands is indeed a beautiful location and is perfect venue for a wedding. There is more to just the white sand beaches that make this location “the thing” in 2016.  Besides great weather and an abundance of attractions, the options of choosing a private beach location make the islands, as well as its beaches, a highly sought after wedding destination.

The Most Ideal Location That Is No Stranger to Luxury Beach Weddings

The Cayman Islands offers you an extremely romantic setting for beach weddings that certainly makes Cayman luxury beach wedding “the  thing” in 2016. Over the years, the location has developed from a sandy island to a multicultural society that is home to a little over 60,413 people (Fall 2015), belonging to over 135 countries. It is also a major global offshore financial center. This means that the islands have become a prominent location in the Caribbean Sea.

Besides offering a superb location that has plenty of venues, it also has an abundance of professionals who can organize your wedding day without any hassles whatsoever.  There is no need to bring in your own professionals because everything can be organized on the island itself. You will find a wealth of reputable wedding planners, professional photographers, florists, bakers, and others. You can easily book your beach venue here, whether you’re an island resident or traveling by cruise ship to get married.

The weather is beautiful all the year around except for the hurricane season, which lasts from May to November. There are some great options for guests who accompany you. Besides being practically the safest destination in the Caribbean, your guests have plenty of options should they find some spare time in between the wedding events.  Spots like Stingray City and Turtle farm are great places to visit while those who are interested in shopping can visit the many jewelry dealers in George Town. Besides, the local population is also extremely friendly and don’t be surprised if you are asked the all-time favorite question here – who you fa!

Scuba Divers with Southern Stingrays at Stingray City, Grand Cayman

Scuba Divers with Southern Stingrays at Stingray City, Grand Cayman (Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Great Choice of Beaches

The Cayman Islands offers you a great choice of magnificent beaches that can provide you a heavenly touch to your wedding.  Simply get your feet in the sand and exchange your vows on one of Cayman’s breathtaking beaches. From formal to casual, with shoes optional, you can have a stress free wedding on  a beach which best suits your taste. Grand Cayman offers you options that include 7-mile beach (Governors Beach), Smith Cove Beach, Spotts Beach, Rum Point Beach, South Sound Beach, and West Bay Beach as some of the most convenient locations on the island.

Conveniently Located a Short Distance Away From the U.S. Mainland

If you want to get away on a vacation in 2016 and have included your wedding as a part of your vacation plans, then the Cayman Islands is your perfect choice. Since the Cayman Islands are only a hop away from the US mainland, (one hour and five minutes by flight from Miami, USA) this location is gaining a lot of prominence currently. Thus, it won’t come as a surprise that more than 600 couples from all around the world choose to get married in the Cayman Islands.  Although Grand Cayman offers some of the most stunning beaches in the world, even more stunning and spectacular beach locations are located in the sister islands, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. So, you can choose the Cayman Islands as one of the idyllic locations to get married. It’s no wonder that getting married here is ‘the thing’ in 2016.

Simple Marriage Requirements

As you might discover, the requirements for marriage in the Cayman Islands are very simple. For visitors, the residency requirements are none.  If you are arriving by cruise ship, you can marry in Cayman under a special marriage license. It is essential that you select a Marriage Officer before you arrive who will help you arrange a certified copy of a non-residents marriage license. This is a necessary document in order to be married in the Cayman Islands.

The “full marriage certificate” from the Cayman Islands Registrar of Marriage is obtainable at the end of the marriage ceremony from the Cayman Islands Registrar of Marriage. The other nominal requirements are proof of citizenship and age which is usually a passport of original/certified copy of the birth certificate with photo identification and proof of marital status. In the Cayman Islands, the minimum age to get married is 16. For anyone under 18, consent of the parents/guardian is required.

Weddings must take place between the hours of 6 am and 8 pm. In case you are divorced, you will need to provide a legal divorce decree or a death certificate, if applicable. Other documents necessary are the Cayman Islands International embarkation/disembarkation card for cruise ship passengers. Two witnesses are also required at the ceremony. Having all of the formalities pre-arranged will help you concentrate more on your special day.

Cost Effective Options

Having a luxury beach wedding in the Cayman Islands is the perfect way to get married yet save some hard earned dollars.  You can still opt for a traditional wedding, but when you consider finances especially in 2016, you might want to discover a cost-effective way of handling all the aspects such as guest lists, wedding-party, gifts, champagne, honeymoon destination and even the costs involved in the luxury beach destination as well. Many destinations offer reduced rates to guests who stay for a specific number of nights.  Also, since your destination which in this case is the Cayman Islands doubles up as a honeymoon location, you can easily cut your wedding budget in half.  As the Cayman Islands is no stranger to destination and luxury beach weddings, you can easily budget your expenses by choosing the most appropriate wedding planner and deciding on the number of guests, food, entertainment, wedding consulting fees, and other miscellaneous expenses. This is yet another reason why Cayman Luxury Weddings by the beach are ‘the thing’ this year.


Cayman Islands - The perfect place in the world to say ‘I do’

Cayman Islands – The perfect place in the world to say ‘I do’


A luxury beach wedding in the Cayman Islands is the perfect way to express your uniqueness and imagination in 2016. You can only imagine sugar-white sands with a calm blue sea in the backdrop to make this a unique and exceptional event of your life.  Take the stress away in 2016 and unwind in the lap of a beautiful luxury beach while you and your partner work out your wedding plans. You can be as creative as you can and explore local customs and traditions to give your wedding that special Caymanian touch.

Mesmerising Romantic Sunsets

Why not choose the most serene and tranquil time for your wedding – sunset.  This is the most ideal time to get married on the beach as the sun slowly sinks down the horizon and other beach visitors start clearing the beach to return home. Add a dash of romanticism by lighting candles as dusk settles in. Additionally, you can choose such as flowers, shells, and starfish for your decoration. Imagine white fabric for the canopy and chairs neatly arranged on the beach for seating the guests. Instead of organizing a sunrise wedding, this option is easy to work out as not all guests will be early risers. The Cayman Islands surely offers some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world as a perfect backdrop for your wedding.  So, a romantic sunset wedding can surely be your choice in 2016.

Wedding Attire

A luxury beach wedding in the Cayman Islands could mean that the strict convention of wearing Tuxedos or extravagant gowns can be relaxed given the beach setting of the wedding. However, this is entirely up to you. You might want this as a formal element in your wedding, or you might choose a more casual attire that matches the level of formality of the ceremony.  Given this option, a luxury beach wedding in the islands is certainly “the thing” for you in 2016.


It does not come as a surprise why many people prefer the Cayman Islands to get married. With a little bit of planning and arrangement, you can be married to the person of your dreams in the most extravagant yet relaxing ceremony possible. Good Luck with the wedding and Congratulations!


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