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Pointers for Planning Your Wedding Overseas

Planning a wedding overseas

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It is increasingly common to hold your wedding proceedings in a far-flung location. Let’s face it, having your wedding in an exotic destination makes it much more likely that the weather will be good and it’s much more impressive than the local wedding venue. Going abroad to get married also means that you can combine your nuptials with your honeymoon. However, if you are going to have your wedding in another country, there are many things you must consider, and you will probably need to do more planning, to ensure everything goes without a hitch.

Here are some pointers for ensuring your overseas wedding is a success:

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He’s Popped The Question, Now What?

What to do after you are engaged

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It all starts with the word ‘Yes.’ As soon as you have accepted your man’s proposal, you would be surprised how quickly girls start with the planning. After all, there’s so much to sort and organize to ensure you have the big day of your dreams. And it’s such an exciting time, so make sure you enjoy the time you are engaged. After all, it will zoom past and you will soon be saying ‘I Do.’ Of course, it’s easy to go off route when planning your wedding. In fact, some people start doing certain things that don’t actually need doing till a couple of months before the wedding day. Therefore here are some of the first few things you should do after he has popped the question.

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2017 Matty Collection by Christopher Matthew

Matty Collection by Matthew Christopher

The Matty Collection has really taken off and brides are loving the Matthew Christopher fit at an affordable price. He created the collection because so many brides loved the Matthew Christopher couture dresses, but it was a bit out of their budget. The 2017 Matty Collection is gorgeous.  The collection features dresses that are light, airy, fun and flirty yet elegant and timeless.

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Tips on Buying Your Wedding Dress Based on Your Body Type

Wedding Dress Tips

By Pnina Tornai

As a renowned designer of gowns that are known for their “big entrance-worthy” style and having worked with brides of all types of body shapes and sizes who literally come from all over the world—I know a thing or two about the proper style and fit of a wedding gown. Being able to create that dream gown for of all my brides (and I do think of them all as MY brides) is a blessing and has given me so much experience when it comes to flattering the feminine figure. Now I am giving these tips to YOU! (Thank you Wedding Thingz for letting me offer my best advice to your readers!)

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Popping The Question: How To Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring

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If there’s one thing that can make every man shake in his boots, it’s the idea of trying to find the perfect engagement ring. After all, it’s one of the few gifts that you really only ever get one chance at. There’s not much of a chance that you’ll be able to return it for something better, after that the magic’s sort of gone. So that means that there’s a lot of pressure to get it right, and sadly, a lot of people have no idea where to even start. Well, don’t worry, because there are some very simple steps that you can follow in order to make sure that you find the perfect ring that’s guaranteed to make them say, “I do.”

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