Reception Ideas

Wedding Songs to Please Everyone

Wedding Songs

Most people love weddings. They are great social occasions. Naturally, for the bride and groom, the service is the most important, and memorable, part of the day. However, for the majority of your guests, it is likely to be the reception that they will enjoy the most.

Therefore, choosing the right band for your wedding reception is crucial. If you get it right, everyone will have a good time and go home with some great memories.

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How to Successfully DJ a Wedding

Tips for DJs

Besides bringing your professionalism and desire to make your clients happy, as a wedding DJ you also have an opportunity to leave the happy couple and their guests with memories of an unforgettable event. Depending on the newlyweds’ preferences, you may or may not have a lot of room when crafting the set list for their affair. However, some essential tips keep everyone happy while keeping you in gigs and furthering your reputation as a solid professional in the business.

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How to Throw a Successful Party/Wedding

Have a successful wedding

The most important element of a successful party is proper planning. If you don’t plan well or hire the best people and equipment, the party might be a flop. Everyone wants to go to a really cool party, meet people and have lots of fun. No one wants to attend a boring party. There is a process to achieving that kind of suave, really cool party. It comes with great planning, excellent scouting and above average tastes.

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Turning Your Vision Into A Dream Wedding In 5 Simple Steps

Planning a dream wedding


Every woman spends years dreaming about the perfect wedding. But once the initial excitement of saying yes to the proposal simmers down, you must turn your attentions to making that dream a reality.

The perfect wedding day relies on various factors. However, there is no question that the esthetics play a huge role in the day. Not only will they impact the big moment itself, but they’ll also determine how great those magical photos look too. Perfect the five areas below, and it will satisfy even your wildest expectations.

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