Reception Ideas

It’s all in the Details

Wedding Details

Most brides to be have spent months preparing for their big day. They have picked the dress, ordered the cake, reserved the hall, and made arrangements for food, photos, and flowers. Sounds like the check list is complete, but you might have forgotten a few of the small details. These things are not a big deal, but they can add to the over-all elegance of your wedding day.

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Top Tips for Booking Your Scottish Wedding Band

Selecting a band for your wedding

With the people of Scotland being natural music lovers, it’s no surprise that wedding bands are growing in number. Varieties in genre and approach to this audio art are now more diverse. On the upside, this means there’s a much lesser chance you won’t find the kind of band you want. Yet on the flipside, scouring for the right one now proves to be a much more disconcerting task, regardless of how much you love music.

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A Positive Reception


Wedding Reception

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No doubt you’re in the thick of it now. Deciding on the fine details, from the clothes to the food, but a lot of people may judge your wedding, not by the nuptials themselves, but rather the wedding reception. And it’s a party that has to be unlike no other, and certainly for you as the bride or groom, you need it to be the party to end all parties! Have you thought about this yet? If not, let’s give you some inspiration before the big day!

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Inspired Food and Cocktail Pairings for Wedding Receptions



Wedding guests are always excited to join in on a fun day of celebration, but one of the things that can really make or break their excitement is a hungry stomach. Food and drinks really are a huge part of a wedding day, and you’ll want to be sure that you are providing enough sustenance throughout the event.

Depending on the schedule of your wedding day, you might be serving light hors d’oeuvres or a full, 7-course meal. Regardless of your food options, the time between the ceremony and celebration is a key time to provide guests with light snacks and spirits.

If you’re trying to decide what to serve, there are quite a few options that would be perfect for your guests whether they have a seasoned palate or a family of picky eaters. Consider the following inspired food and cocktail pairings for your wedding reception to make everyone happy.

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Wedding Songs to Please Everyone

Wedding Songs

Most people love weddings. They are great social occasions. Naturally, for the bride and groom, the service is the most important, and memorable, part of the day. However, for the majority of your guests, it is likely to be the reception that they will enjoy the most.

Therefore, choosing the right band for your wedding reception is crucial. If you get it right, everyone will have a good time and go home with some great memories.

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How to Successfully DJ a Wedding

Tips for DJs

Besides bringing your professionalism and desire to make your clients happy, as a wedding DJ you also have an opportunity to leave the happy couple and their guests with memories of an unforgettable event. Depending on the newlyweds’ preferences, you may or may not have a lot of room when crafting the set list for their affair. However, some essential tips keep everyone happy while keeping you in gigs and furthering your reputation as a solid professional in the business.

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How to Throw a Successful Party/Wedding

Have a successful wedding

The most important element of a successful party is proper planning. If you don’t plan well or hire the best people and equipment, the party might be a flop. Everyone wants to go to a really cool party, meet people and have lots of fun. No one wants to attend a boring party. There is a process to achieving that kind of suave, really cool party. It comes with great planning, excellent scouting and above average tastes.

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