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DIY Hair Tutorial: Get the Miss USA 2017 Look for Your Wedding

Miss USA 2017

Photo courtesy of Miss Universe/Photographer Isaac Brekken

With CHI as the official hair care sponsor for the 2017 Miss USA Pageant, Farouk Systems Global Artist Albert Luiz was responsible for creating Kára McCullough‘s crowning look. Highlighting and amplifying her natural hair texture, Albert shares his step by steps tips and the key CHI products used to achieve her winning look.

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You Should Definitely DIY These Things For Your Wedding

Wedding DIY Ideas

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Some couples who have the wedding budget choose to outsource everything and buy as much as they can. However, whether you’ve got the budget or not, doing a little DIY on your wedding is potentially one of the most satisfying things you can do. Not only do you save a little, which could potentially go towards other things (hello, honeymoon!), you add your own unique touch to your big day. Making your big day as personalized as possible is bound to make it much more meaningful for you. Here are a few things you should definitely DIY for your wedding!

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5 Foolproof DIY Makeup Tips for Your Wedding

DIY Makeup Tips

Most brides are stressed on their big day. They want things to look perfect – the venue must be well-organized, the flowers must look good, and the dress must fit them perfectly. But they want their physique to be in the spotlight, too. This means that the hair, skin and makeup must complement their natural beauty. Sadly, when you stress out and don’t pay attention to what you eat your body won’t feel good inside out. We are what we eat, which means that brides much take care of their bodies too if they want to enjoy their big day and make all guests go “wow”. The following DIY makeup tips should help them stand above the crowd.

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DIY Blooming Bridesmaid Body Oil

DIY Bridesmaid Body Oil

Instead of the conventional bridesmaids gifts, why not give an extra special something to your leading ladies that have been by your side?

Here is a quick and easy recipe from beauty expert Indie Lee to help pamper your bridal party before and after your big day. This all-natural body oil leaves traces of a botanical scent and will help her achieve silky, smooth skin so she smells refreshing and looks radiant during her jaunt down the aisle.

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DIY Cocktails and Mocktails

DIY Cocktails

When you are celebrating your engagement, enjoying yourself at your wedding reception or commemorating any special milestone you can DIY a cocktail or a mocktail, which is a non-alcoholic beverage. Your drinks will taste great when they contain Sparkling Ice. Party-goers of all ages can clink glasses in celebration.  Here a a few recipes everyone will love. Enjoy!

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Create Your Own Signature Wedding Cocktail

DIY wedding cocktails

A hot trend right now is a signature cocktail at a wedding! A custom cocktail for the big day is an easy and fun way for the bride and groom to inject their personality into the event. Where do you start? As head of the popular downtown hotel’s cocktail program, W Austin’s award-winning Libationist, Joyce Garrison knows a thing or two about shaking it up. Always looking for a way to incorporate Austin’s unique and local flavors for the hotel’s visiting guests, Garrison’s signature cocktails feature regional spirits and locally sourced ingredients including honey cultivated from a rooftop apiary above the hotel.

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DIY Hot Chocolate Wedding Favors

DIY Hot Chocolate Favors

Winter weddings are beautiful and are becoming more and more popular. Many brides are looking for wedding favors that are unique, but want to DIY the favor. If you’re planning a winter wedding, I’ve found a great DIY Hot Chocolate favor that I wanted to share with you. It’s such a cozy way to keep your guests warm and only takes about ten minutes to make each one. The favors are great for a winter bridal shower too!

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