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How To Get Your Wedding As Close To The Fairytale As Possible

Make your wedding a fairytale

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Everybody wants the fairytale wedding. We’re brainwashed with the image from a young age, whether we like it or not. It’s hard not to want the lavish venue, the crowd of your loved ones, and the beautiful ceremony which is entirely dedicated to celebrating a union with the person you love. Of course, real life can never be quite like a Disney film, and none of us would really want it to be. That doesn’t mean you don’t want your wedding to be as close as possible to the fairy tale wedding, however. Here are some tips to hopefully help you on your journey towards achieving that.

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Getting What You Want Out Of Your Wedding


Wedding presents

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Traditionally, guests going to a wedding will give gifts to the bride and groom to celebrate their new connection to each other. For some, wedding gifts won’t be important at all. And, for others, this sort of gesture will make the day perfect. But, of course, it can be a challenge when it comes to telling your guests what they should get you. You don’t want to be rude or presumptive. But, you don’t want them to waste their money. So, you need to find a good middle-ground. To help you do this, this post will be going through some of the best ways to plan the gifts you want.

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Put Yourself Into Your Guests’ Shoes

Wedding Reception

Getting married is the experience of a lifetime. You will find it equally challenging as it is exciting. For most brides, this is the moment where they can plan the entire day according to their childhood dreams – and if they can too, indulge with a gigantic wedding cake and a fantastic princess dress. However, it can be easy to forget an essential element of your wedding day: Your guests. You need to consider that most guests are traveling far to be there on your special day. Naturally, they come because they want to share the joy with you, but it’s important to make your wedding reception as enjoyable for them as possible. After all, for some people, coming to a wedding costs a lot of money and time. As much as they might like you, they will also appreciate a pleasant arrangement that takes their needs into account. Remember that there’s nothing worse than a grumpy guest to ruin the day. So make it work for them too! 

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How To Fill the Gap Between Ceremony and Reception

Wedding Ceremony

The point of your wedding day is the ceremony! You’re not just throwing a party. You can do that anytime. So, you want to have as many friends and family as possible see you get married. Best way to do that? Have no gap in time between the ceremony and the reception. Easy to do if you’re getting married at a hotel, country club, banquet hall, etc.

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4 Wedding Luxuries You Can’t Go Without

Wedding Rings

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Weddings are all about luxury. Even weddings that have a smaller budget have luxury touches that simply don’t cost very much. Luxury is based on perception, but for most it means wealth and the finer things in life. If there is every going to be a time in your life to indulge in that luxury, your wedding day is going to be that time. Whether you choose to upgrade your wedding transport from your dad’s decorated car to a Ferrari or a huge, purring Bentley, or you choose to upgrade your dress from off the rack to Vera Wang, you can achieve luxury.

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The Guest Experience: Your Wedding Day

Guests at wedding

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The one thing to remember about your wedding day, is that it isn’t just about you, the bride. Of course, you and the groom play a pivotal role in the day – after all, it’s you who is getting married. Organising the invitations, coordinating family to be able to set the date and even checking allergies mean that the central part of the wedding revolves more about the guests. You want their experience to memorable!

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Five Reasons to Attend a Bridal Show

Bridal Show Ideas

Brides can find information on weddings from a variety of places. One good place to go for wedding information is a bridal show. Country Club Receptions is hosting its fourth annual Wedding Show Weekend March 11-12, 2017. This will take place at 40 country club and golf course venues across the nation. You can RSVP here, you don’t want to miss the show! Here are five reasons why you should attend bridal shows.

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