Bridal Makeup Tips: The Dos and the Don’ts

Bridal Makeup Tips

In all that turmoil of wedding preparations, when you’re focusing on the guest list, the flowers, the seating arrangement, and of course the dress, one thing can be forgotten – your makeup. Now since that special date’s approaching, naturally you want to look like a Botticelli’s Venus – as you should. So my dear brides-to-be, we’re going to give you a few dos and don’ts on how to have that perfect makeup on your wedding day.

The Dos

  1. Do remember to get that foundation right. It does not matter whether you’ve used foundation before or not. For this occasion you absolutely should. Basic tip when it comes to your face: it is absolutely vital to match the jawline, the forehead, and the center of your face to the foundation. The makeup colors you choose depend on this first step and it will also ensure that your makeup is perfect throughout the whole day.
  2. Do wear something white. That is, naturally you’re going to be in a white wedding gown, but for your trial version, you should wear a white t-shirt, in order to see how your makeup fares against white. This way you’ll know if you need to take it down a notch or pronounce it more.
  3. Do take it easy on the eyebrows. Most women don’t know this, but it’s really not the point in matching one’s hair color to that of the eyebrows. You should do just the opposite. It is way better to make your eyebrows darker if you’ve got fair hair and vice versa; so, if you’ve got darker hair, then you should make your eyebrows lighter.
  4. Do apply a neutral palette of colors to achieve that timeless look. Bold colors are not really a tasteful choice for your wedding.
  5. Do add those eyelashes to pronounce your eyes better. Consider investing in mink lashes, you will be amazed at the result you get. Everything on your eyes will pop and they will look more beautiful than ever. The groom will not be able to look away during the entire ceremony. He will be absolutely mesmerized.

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t powder your entire face. It’s so much better to show the beauty of your natural skin. But, if you insist on powdering it, then it’s better to add just a pinch of it and make it as genuine as possible. So, only powder your chin, nose, and forehead.
  2. Don’t experiment before the big day. You really want to avoid getting some kind of skin reaction like a rash or pimples or god knows what else on your big day. Okay, you have the veil while you’re walking down the aisle, but after the yeses, you don’t want to give your future hubby and the rest of the wedding guests a heart attack. Stick with what you know and what makes you look fabulous. Or, if you’re really keen on trying something one of your girlfriends recommended, then do it at least two or three weeks before the ceremony. So even if something goes wrong, you’ll have time to rectify the situation and heal.
  3. Don’t get a facial days before the wedding. This is a no-no. It’s best to do it after the wedding. You want to avoid open pores being covered with makeup.
  4. Don’t put on glitter shadow and shimmer bronzer because you want to avoid looking like a light-up Christmas tree and it’s totally going to mess up the lighting in the photos. Your happiness is the only thing that you need to glow in the photos.
  5. Don’t follow trends. What is ‘in’ now will not be in a couple of years. You want your wedding album to be evergreen and classy, so when you show it your offspring you won’t feel embarrassed at how ridiculous you look.

So, there you go my gorgeous brides. These are some of the basic tips that will make you look splendid. So chin up and walk down that aisle like a diva that you are. Be the envy of all the women and men out there.

Top Photo by:Julie Paisley Photography


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