Big Mistakes To Avoid When Planning A Wedding

Mistakes to Avoid When Wedding Planning

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You’ve all heard people telling you what you should do when you’re planning a wedding, but what shouldn’t you do? It’s just as critical a list, if not more so. One mistake can take your special day and turn it into a not so special day, so make sure you avoid these blunders!

Mistake 1: Choosing your bridesmaids too early

Depending on how far away your wedding is, people you’re close with now could be mere acquaintances by the time the big day rolls around. This in mind, hold off on choosing your bridesmaids until the last possible minute. That way, you’ll know for certain that the ladies you choose will still be good friends with you on the wedding day.

Mistake 2: Getting too attached to one venue

Remember the first time you viewed that house, and you fell in love with it? You’d even started buying furniture and decorations to beautify it with. But then, out of nowhere, somebody else placed a bid and you lost out. It was soul-crushing!

So, do not let the same thing happen during the wedding planning phase. If you find one venue and set your heart on it, you’ll be absolutely gutted if you don’t land it. Instead, give yourself 3 venues to choose from, so you have two backups. This way, you won’t be disappointed if your first choice isn’t available.

Mistake 3: Not having a varied buffet

Mistakes to avoid when planning a wedding

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I’ve been to weddings that only served up seafood or BBQ buffets, and let’s just say they weren’t to everybody’s tastes. Like it or not, but the food is a big part of the night. For the people that have been at your wedding all day, it’s an opportunity to squeeze in some well-earned grub.

So, make it appeal to everyone. Don’t just put on seafood, or BBQ food. Make it varied! Salads, sandwiches, hot food, snacks, chips, dessert… the list goes on! Don’t forget vegetarians, or people with special dietary requirements like a nut allergy.

Mistake 4: Not creating a rain plan

As much as you research, as much as you carefully choose a date, there’s still a chance that it could rain. This in mind, you’ll need to have a plan of action ready for such a circumstance. Stock plenty of umbrellas nearby, and put up a gazebo. Or, just have your whole wedding indoors to save the hassle. Your choice!

Mistake 5: Not giving your guests enough information

Mistakes to avoid when wedding planning

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Ever showed up to a venue and walked into the wrong party? Me too. It’s embarrassing. However, it could have been avoided if the bride/groom supplied me with more information. Not everyone will know the area like the couple do, so when planning a wedding, include details on the invites.

You want to include details on local transport, taxi numbers, hotels, and the venue itself. Which door should people use? Which floor is the wedding party on? What’s the room called? Don’t skimp on the details!

And there you have it! If you followed and avoided these mistakes, you’re well on your way to a perfect wedding ceremony. Best of luck for your big day!



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