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No doubt you’re in the thick of it now. Deciding on the fine details, from the clothes to the food, but a lot of people may judge your wedding, not by the nuptials themselves, but rather the wedding reception. And it’s a party that has to be unlike no other, and certainly for you as the bride or groom, you need it to be the party to end all parties! Have you thought about this yet? If not, let’s give you some inspiration before the big day!

The Reception Venue

The reception needn’t be in the same place as the wedding itself, though this is usually the tactic for those that need to save money, it can make for a lot of hanging around by the guests. You can prepare a marquee beforehand, and it’s ready instantly, which limits that lull between the ceremony and the beginning of the reception. Have a nose at barlens.com.au, and it gives you a time-lapse of building a massive marquee. Marquees are a great idea for a reception in the same place as the wedding, but you are running a risk with this depending on the time of year you get married. Think on if rain is forecast!

The Entertainment

Everyone has their own ideas of what constitutes entertainment. Some don’t like the idea of a band, and some think it’s integral to the whole evening. The best suggestion is to really go for what best represents you as a couple. If you both like Metallica, it might not go down very well with the older members of your family, but you can find a nice mixture to please all tastes. You can spend a long time thinking about what songs to play, and what type of band to have, but it is down to you two, and you can pick something to best represent how you both are, and your personality type. There have been thrash metal weddings in the world, and they’ve gone off without a hitch! Don’t be afraid to pepper your personality on it!

To Game, Or Not To Game?

The idea of “enforced fun” can go down like a cup of cold tea in some weddings, and if you are looking for ways to keep people entertained, especially if you sense a lull in proceedings, or there is a delay in getting the reception venue ready. Lawn games can be really good for the younger guests as it gives their parents a little break to converse with the happy couple, but it might not be the ticket for the vast majority of your guests. If you are trying to find a way to inject some sense of fun into the proceedings, the band may be the best method to get everyone into the spirit. There have been couples who have made the most of quizzes while sitting down to eat their meal. But, again, you need to make it very “you” rather than trying to cater for the greater good.


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