A Guide to Planning a Minimalistic Wedding


Minimalistic weddings a few and far between these days. The great thing about them is that it’s just about a couple’s love for one another, and celebrating that love, rather than trying to outdo every wedding you’ve ever been to. This guide will help you to keep your wedding as minimalistic as possible:

Keep Your Guest List as Short as PossibleYou don’t need hundreds of guests there on the big day. You’re not trying to prove anything to anybody, are you? This ceremony should be about two people and their love for one another. Only have your very close friends and family present to witness your day. I recommend trying to keep it under 100 people for the most simple and stress free day!Eliminate Things You Don’t Really NeedWrite down the things that really matter to you. The things that really, really matter. The people, the food, the fun…that’s about it. In that case, you can eliminate lots of things. Flowers; for one. Yes, they make everything look that little bit prettier, but they are so expensive. Do you really want to spend that much money on something that’s going to die? Wedding favors, again, expensive. Nobody really wants them anyway! Be honest with yourselves about what you can miss and what absolutely must stay.Let Your Venue do all of the TalkingIf you pick the right wedding venue, it should be able to do all of the talking for you. You might be able to use an outdoor area, which of course is naturally beautiful and won’t require any effort put in at all. The decor might already look amazing, in which case you just need your guests and the party can start!DIY Decor

If you need a little decor for your venue, always DIY it. You can do so many things cheaply and easily these days. Get friends and family to help too if they’re crafty. You could even make your own invitations. There’s no limit to the things you can make if you have the time and patience for it all. Use seasonal objects too; if you’re getting married in October, get creative with some pumpkins. So much cheaper and better!

Buffet DinnerA buffet dinner will ensure everybody gets fed and can pick what they like and what they don’t. Sit down meals can be ridiculously expensive, and you have to pick something everyone will like. Arranging a buffet is simple and cheap, especially if you know somebody willing to help.Simple DressFinally, the dress. The dress is a big part of the big day, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands on it. Take a look in high street stores and see if anything catches your eye. You might find a beautiful cream maxi dress, or a white evening gown. It seems that any dress that comes with the title of ‘wedding dress’ can become instantly more expensive.Now go ahead and plan your day. Remember; it’s all about your love!
Top image by Leah Hewitt
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