7 Amazing Wedding Traditions You’ve Never Heard Of

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Weddings happen all over the world and they’re always a cause for joy and celebration. But how knowledgeable are you about other cultures and traditions? Weddings are an incredibly meaningful and symbolic occasion and that can be represented in many different ways. Read on for seven amazing wedding traditions from different cultures that you may never have heard of!

A Swedish Wedding

Does anyone hear a rattling sound? It may be because the bride has coins in her shoes! It is an established tradition in Swedish weddings for the bride to have a coin in each shoe, usually from each of her parents. This symbolizes protection from poverty and the idea of abundant wealth and support.

A Jewish Wedding

There are many famous traditions at a Jewish wedding, but did you know that a Ketubah, or marriage contract, is read aloud? It details all of the groom’s responsibilities toward his new wife, and is often available in beautiful designs.

A Czech Wedding

If you’re lucky enough to be invited to a Czech wedding, you’re in for some excitement. It is one of the more riotous traditions that the friends of the groom must “kidnap” the bride at some point on the wedding day. The groom must then find her within a specific amount of time or face having to “buy her back” from his friends! As strange as this may sound, it has sensible roots and demonstrates the groom making good on his promise to protect and care for his bride.

A French Wedding

The breathtaking croquembouche is a relatively famous part of French weddings. This towering stack of delicious pastry and caramel probably originated from as early as the Middle Ages in France. However, the bride and groom must traditionally try to kiss over the top of the cakes without sending them tumbling to the ground! If they can do this, they are expected to enjoy a long and fulfilling life together.

A Greek Wedding

Everyone should feel extra special on their wedding day, but a Greek wedding takes this seriously. Both the bride and groom are regaled as a king and queen for the day! Throughout the ceremony, they wear traditional crowns that are tied to each other with a ribbon to symbolize their bond. The crowns are traditionally made with orange blossoms or even gold!

A German Wedding

Wedding invitations can be a special and symbolic part of any wedding, but in Germany the process could take days! Traditionally, wedding invitations had to be done personally by a specially selected person. They would go door to door and invite each guest by reciting a rhyme. This was a time-consuming process but an important tradition!

An Indian Wedding

Traditional Indian weddings are famously vibrant and exciting. There is even a fun game to determine who is likely to rule the household. A container of milk, water and vermillion is fixed with several coins and a ring inside. The couple must search for the ring seven times, and whoever is the first to find it four times wins!

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