5 Tips for Wedding Invitations: What to keep in mind?

wedding invitation

Thinking of your ideal invitation is one of the essential parts of planning a wedding. They set the tone for the party; they help people prepare for your big event. They are the essence of the party, condensed in a single piece of paper. So, we better have the proper cheat sheet to know exactly what to keep in mind, right?

  1. Choosing the format – Traditional Paper VS Online Forms

The first choice that you should make is about the format. Are you sending paper or online invitations? Maybe you prefer to send paper invitations and combine them with an online wedding RSVP form.

It’s up to you. You choose how to keep track of your guests’ confirmations. But bear in mind that online RSVPs can be easy to manage and you can compile all the data in one spreadsheet like Excel or Google Drive.

  1. Designing the invitation – Should there be a theme?

Your wedding invitations should be in keeping with the main theme and style of the party. Colour, shapes, typography, everything counts.

I’m sure you’ve chosen a colour scheme for the furniture and accessories of the party. You can use the same pattern of colours for your invitation or other complementary colours that could fit the style. If you need fresh ideas on colour schemes, you can use the Pantone guide, for instance.

Typography is key as well. The design of the letter can reflect your wedding’s essence. Would it be like someone’s handwriting? Or would you prefer it to be more like an old book’s printed letters?

  1. Writing the invitation’s content – What sections should it include?

Here are the most common sections that a wedding invitation has:

Host: It’s a thank you line for the parent’s efforts with the wedding. In the past, the host were the parents of the bride, who traditionally paid for the entire event, but nowadays it can be both parents or no parents at all (if you finance it yourself).

Request: Like “Cordially invite” or “Request the honor of your presence”. You’re formally asking them to come to your wedding.

Bride and groom’s name: Include your full names. Traditionally, the bride’s name will be the first one.

Date, time and location. When and where will the wedding take place?

Reception location section, in case the reception will be held in a different place.

Instructions: This section will include any necessary instructions like the dress code.

RSVP: Ask people to formally mail back their response (regular mail or online response) regarding their attendance to the wedding.

  1. Providing all the documents your guests will need – Is everything crystal clear?

If you send a paper invitation via regular mail, the package should include all the documents that your guests will need to be fully informed about the wedding, like maps, registration information, hotel reservations and so on. Remember to include an envelope so they can reply regarding their attendance to the party.

If you’re choosing the online version, make sure that you provide all the information as well. Create a website with all the information about the party. Use an online form for the RSVP, like we advised before.

  1. Using social networks to spread the word – Did you receive my invitation?

Nowadays social network are very effective platforms to spread the word about any event and party. Of course, you will invite people formally, but you must keep a regular conversation with them, and social networks are perfect to catch up.

Hey, have you received my invitation? Do you have any questions regarding the dress code? Would you have a vehicle to come to the wedding on your own?

If you create a Facebook event, you can even share your ideas with your guests and ask for advice. Or maybe you want to create a collaborative playlist of songs. And, of course, you will be able to share reminders about the next steps like hotel reservations, transport, and other organization issues.

Now you’re ready to create or choose your wedding invitations. The first impression always has a big impact.  So, try to surprise people and choose a charming design.

Do you have any other advice to share with us? What experience have you had choosing the right invitation for your wedding? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  1. A nice post! My golf friend is getting married, and his wife has decided to plan and hold the wedding from head to toe by themselves, which can make it the most unforgettable wedding ever but also may take lots of effort. They are stuck on the idea for the invitation suite at the moment. This article may be what they need right now! Gonna share with my friend. Thanks for sharing!

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