5 Best Destinations For Your Wedding

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Best destinations for your wedding

If you have decided to have a destination wedding – congratulations! You are a very fun couple who doesn’t want to do a wedding in an ordinary way. And that is so cool! Today I am going to share my personal favorite 5 destinations where you can have your beautiful wedding at. It is all super romantic, cute, and it is absolutely unique. So – are you ready? After reading this list you will wait for the big day even more, I can guarantee!


If you are looking for a real paradise to say “I do” at – Belize should be one of the first countries to consider doing that. All year long perfect climate, beautiful beaches, and friendly people will create a perfect place to get married. And to stay for your honeymoon as well! With more than 100 offshore islands, a Great Barrier Reef, untamed jaguar territory and centuries-old caves, you will feel like you are in paradise for sure. What else can you want?

Negril, Jamaica

Not so far away, in Negril, Jamaica, you can also have a perfect wedding too. Apart from amazing beaches, warm climate and the whole general relaxed vibe, Jamaica is perfect for its affordability as well. So your wedding won’t cost more than it would at home. Not sold yet? I don’t believe you!

Santorini, Greece

A little bit further, in Southern Europe, you can also have an amazing, colorful and incredible wedding ceremony as well. Especially in a small town called Santorini in the south of Greece. Crystal-clear water beaches and gleaming stucco villas with colorful rooftops will create your perfect wedding (not to mention your photos of it too!). As far as the eye can see, this tiny island in the southern Aegean Sea is a perfect place to promise your love to another person.

Best destinations for your wedding


Bali, of course, should also be one of the places to consider as well. Especially because this small island is full of amazing culture, beaches, amazingly friendly people and just a perfectly romantic place for everyone. And I can bet that you will always find that one perfect spot to have your ceremony, and, in fact, it is not that expensive to travel there, too. So – isn’t Bali just perfect for your perfect wedding?

Tuscany, Italy

If you wish to have amazing Italian wedding, then in Tuscany you can have it all. This destination will not only can amaze you with its beautiful scenery, but the food there is amazing as well! That is nothing new because Italian cuisine is definitely one of the best ones in the world! So if you wish to have a romantic wedding with lots of great food – Tuscany can be that place for sure.

The bottom line…

So,  after you picked that one perfect destination, you can start thinking of the ways to get there! I can’t think of a better way than using various online coupons to reduce the price tag of plane tickets and hotel rooms. Check these Hotels.com coupons I found at ChameleonJohn.com and show them to your relatives and friends who you have invited, too. These will help them travel to your wedding much easier and enjoy your perfect day even more!

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