4 Wedding Luxuries You Can’t Go Without

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Weddings are all about luxury. Even weddings that have a smaller budget have luxury touches that simply don’t cost very much. Luxury is based on perception, but for most it means wealth and the finer things in life. If there is every going to be a time in your life to indulge in that luxury, your wedding day is going to be that time. Whether you choose to upgrade your wedding transport from your dad’s decorated car to a Ferrari or a huge, purring Bentley, or you choose to upgrade your dress from off the rack to Vera Wang, you can achieve luxury.

There are a lot of ways you can inject luxury into your wedding day, from the quirky table favours to the fresh flowers that you can smell a mile away. With these four ideas, you could turn your wedding day into the classy affair you want it to be.

Venue. Your venue may be one you have had chosen for years, but imagine being able to upgrade to a country manor instead of the local registry office. If you are going to go a little more lavish with your venue, ensure you have some exciting things included such as the food, drinks and a DJ. Your venue should also have some beautiful grounds to make your photos look stunning. Most large venues will also allow you to use a payment plan, meaning that even if you believe you cannot afford it initially, you would be able to. So why not indulge where you can?

Outfits. The wedding dress you choose should be the one you have envisioned your whole life. Make sure you make appointments with various bridal shops so you can get the right experience during your dress fitting. Your groom could go and see a bespoke tailor for his fitting, which is something different to simply hiring a suit from a shop. It’s a little bit of indulgence that most men wouldn’t think about, but it could make for an excellent gift.

Transport. You could easily save money by adding ribbons to the car of a friend or relative, but why not go a little bigger? Find the services of a horse and carriage to take you from the church to your venue with your new husband or get a little brave and hire a helicopter! Of course, it’s a huge luxury, but that’s kind of the point! Your entrance into your wedding is your entrance into your marital promise; it should be big and have an impact.

Entertainment. There’s one thing to hire a DJ, but quite another to hire a big band. Having your favourite band play at your wedding is likely impossible, but hiring live music to play their songs is not. Upgrade your entertainment to live music and hire an entertainer in for the children so the speeches are uninterrupted for an extra impression on your guests.

Your wedding is going to be the most memorable day of your life so far, so why not make it huge?

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