2017 Trends in Wedding Photography

2017 wedding photo trends

Newly engaged couples are starting to plan their wedding and wedding photography choices are at the top of the list. The expert photojournalists at George Street Photo & Video, serving over 40 markets nationwide, are predicting the hottest trends in wedding photography for 2017. Check out the trends!

First Look: Few moments can compare to the honest emotion found within that first look at your betrothed. No longer forced to wait for the walk down the aisle, these genuine first look expressions are now captured in creative ways as they lay eyes their beloved.

Movement Shots: These provide a unique way to showcase wedding dresses in motion as they dance or spin, making the dress come alive rather than static poses.

Photo Booth: Crazy sunglasses, top hats, veils and mustaches for the bridal party and wedding guests makes for sweet, memorable and often comical photos of your guests. Way more fun and creative than everyone just standing around a table and smiling.

Sparklers and Smoke Bombs: Colorful wisps of smoke or the ethereal fire of sparklers lighting a couple’s way creates breathtaking images with the air of magic.

Editorial Photographs: George Street’s signature photography style is already ahead of the curve as Editorial Photography has become the hottest trend for capturing weddings.

Hashtag Your Wedding: Create your own way to capture everyone’s personal photos of the big day! Signs and invitations with your personal Hashtag to chronical your big day from start to finish.

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