2 In 1: European Destinations For Weddings And Honeymoons

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These days, lots of couples are interested in combining their wedding and honeymoon. As foreign wedding destinations become increasingly popular, lots of couples are choosing to hang around in their wedding destination and use it as a honeymoon location as well. And there is no better place for these kinds of destinations than Europe. Many European countries combine picturesque scenery and very laid-back wedding laws.

So, ready to choose the perfect place for a wedding ceremony and honeymoon? Read on!


If you think of getting married in Europe, there will no doubt be one country that quickly springs to mind – France! After all, it’s where you will find Paris, the world’s love capital. But France also has some gorgeous rural and coastal locations, which are all ideal for weddings and honeymoons. For instance, the elegant resort of Cannes has hosted numerous weddings and honeymoons of the rich and famous over the years. Maybe yours will be the next one?


There are many picturesque regions of Italy, and you will be sure to have an absolutely stunning wedding day no matter which one you pick. Tuscany is known for being a very rural region, and is perfect if you want a country style wedding. Lake Como is one of the largest lakes in Italy, and in the north of the country. Getting married on its picture-perfect banks will make for some beautiful wedding photos.


Denmark is made up of lots of small islands, each of which has its own culture and feel. These make great wedding destinations as most of them are very rural and have some unforgettable scenery. But don’t worry if you don’t really fancy getting married in the countryside. You could always head to Copenhagen or Aarhus for a metropolitan wedding. But no matter where you get married in Denmark, it will certainly be a very Scandi-chic ceremony, that’s for sure!


For another possible island wedding setting, you might want to consider getting wed in Greece. Most of the islands have wedding venues, and you usually get to choose whether you get wed out on the beach or in a pretty chapel. Crete is one of the most popular islands for weddings as it is quite large, so there is plenty going on once you are done with the ceremony. Other possible island locations include Rhodes and Zante.

United Kingdom

Have you always wanted a royal wedding? Well, if so, there is no better European destination for your wedding than the royal family’s very own home – the United Kingdom. There are lots of superb stately homes dotted around the countryside that can now host wedding ceremonies. If you are lucky, you might even be able to book the one that was the filming location for Downton Abbey!

There are hundreds of European wedding destinations, all of which are perfect for also spending your honeymoon. Hopefully, the ones listed above will give you plenty of food for thought when you need to choose your perfect one!

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