The gorgeous pictures in this post are by Sara Kauss Photography. She is an international photographer who specializes in destination weddings. She captured the beautiful images from a unique winter themed wedding that she shot for Kari and Billy (two musicians in Minnesota). They were out in negative degree temperatures and it was freezing, windy and cold.  Sara Kauss was bundled up in multiple layers, gloves and a hat - she delivered the perfect outdoor winter themed wedding pictures!

Winter weddings are so beautiful and I certainly understand why Kari and Billy had one. I had a winter wedding too! If you're planning a winter themed wedding, there are certain "must have" elements that will make your wedding stand out. Here are great tips you can use. Plan on winter bride!
1. Dresses with Silver Embellishments - Your dress should reflect the season and should sparkle with silver embellishments. Your embellishment can be right on the dress or you can add sparkle with a sash.

2. Slippers and Robes - Let's face it. It's cold at winter weddings! While you are preparing for your wedding, stay warm with a cozy robe and slippers. While you're getting a robe and slippers for yourself, get the items for your bridesmaids too. This can be your gift to them and your photographer can get a great photo.

3. Photos at Venue - You should have your photographer capture wonderful photos inside and outside the venue. If there is snow, take full advantage of the great pics that only a winter bride can get.
4. Fireplace - Nothing says winter like a fireplace. If your venue has a fireplace, see if you can have the ceremony in front of it. With a fireplace, very little decor is needed. If you can't get married in front of the fireplace, see about getting a few shots in front of it.

5. Horse Drawn Carriage - If your venue and reception site are not far apart, a horse drawn carriage works well. You shouldn't travel too far in a horse drawn carriage if it's very cold outside. If you brave the cold and have an outdoor ceremony, arrive in style and come to your ceremony in the carriage. 

6. Centerpieces - The centerpieces at your reception should reflect the winter season. Centerpieces can include anything from white branches to crystals in the shape of icicles to all white candles.  The centerpieces will also look great with baby's breath, berries or pine cones.
7. Faux Fur or Coat - No winter bride's wardrobe is complete without a gorgeous faux fur or beautiful coat. Since it is usually cold in winter, a faux fur or coat will keep you warm and stylish!

8. Crystals - A winter wedding should have crystals, crystals and more crystals. You can incorporate crystals in the flowers, bridal shoes, wedding decor and your handbag.  Don't forget the bling in your jewelry, veil or headpiece.

All images by Sara Kauss Photography
This gorgeous bridal shower shoot was coordinated by Chris Nease of Celebrations At Home and captured brilliantly by Laura Gordon Photography.  Chris wanted to display the talents of the vendors involved and decided on a theme that mixed ‘rustic’ with ‘modern’. She was able to save space by combining a name card, a menu card, and a ‘bridal trivia’ question (or conversation starter) all attached with a pretty brad in the corner. 

I love the place settings. IKEA vases were used for drinks and large matchboxes were used to hold favors. The brick wall at the event space was used as the backdrop for the dessert table. Monogrammed note cards are provided for guests to write down ‘advice for a happy marriage’ for the bride-to-be. They are a nice touch and it's something the bride will have as a keepsake.  This is a great shoot!
Photography: Laura Gordon Photography
Coordination & Styling: Chris Nease of Celebrations At Home
Cake balls: Candy Valley Cake Co.
Event Space: Studio 418
My dress pick this week comes from the 2014 Elie by Elie Saab Collection. The collection features dresses that have lovely details. My pick is the beautiful dress called Mensa. It's a tulle wedding dress with crystal gemstone embroidery appliqués and organza flowers. The strapless dress features a lace bodice with appliqués. The gorgeous princess skirt is also graced with cascading appliqués. Take a look!
The dresses in this collection are so exquisite! The dresses will make any bride look elegant and feel like a queen on her wedding day. They have great details  and come in a variety styles that will look suit many brides. 
All images by Elie Saab via Pronovias
It's your honeymoon and you want to have a sexy and hot time, but are not quite sure how to do it. Don't fret! I've got some great tricks, games and ideas to make your honeymoon sizzle.

1. Anticipate The Evening

At the wedding reception, you have to build the anticipation. You have to flirt with each other. Take the time to kiss and look into each other's eyes. You will be busy at your reception, but make a point to focus on each other. 

2. Get Carried Away

Let your husband sweep you off your feet and carry you across the threshold. It's a very romantic tradition that will help set the mood. 

3. Bring On The Veil

Be sure to bring your wedding veil with you on the honeymoon. This is a sexy item that you MUST use. You won't be able to wear this on many occasions so pull it out and put it on for your hsuband. Did I mention....this is all you need to wear!

4. Enjoy The View 

If you're lucky enough to have a room with a balcony or private view of the ocean, use the area for a fun tryst. Before you do this, make sure your area is private!

5. Put On Something Sexy

You may have received sexy lingerie at your bridal shower. Your husband will love to see you in something soft and pretty. For your honeymoon, put on new lingerie so he is surprised. You'll love the look on his face!

6.  Enjoy The Aroma

Arrange it so that your room will have a lovely fragrance. There's nothing better than walking into a wonderfully scented room. You could have flowers in the room or light some scented candles. To get really sexy, put a few drops of scented oil on the sheets.
7. Bubble It Up

The  two of you can take a bubble bath together. If bubbles aren't your thing, you can add rose petal to the water. Turn off the lights and light candles for a romantic setting. How about washing each other with sponges. This is fun and you'll get clean!

8. Go Skinny Dipping

If your honeymoon is in a secluded location, try skinning-dipping. What better way to bring out your inner sexy!

9. It's Playtime

If you and your husband have sex toys that you like, pack them and bring them with you. If you don't have any sex toys, this is a great time to introduce your husband to toys you want to use. You'll have a fun time exploring together!

10. Fun And Games

You can make up sex games that you and your husband can play. You can play hide and seek with sexy items. As he finds each item, give him a sexy treat of your choosing. Be open minded and come up with games the two of you will enjoy.

11. Rub It Down

To relax, both of you should get a massage while you are on your honeymoon. Try his and her massages. The massage will help relieve stress and make both of you feel better. 

12. Let's Eat

There is nothing more sensual than feeding each other. You can get a dessert like an ice cream sundae or a bowl of fruit. If there is whipped cream involved, try eating the it from various body parts. You'll enjoy it!

I hope some of these ideas inspire you to be sexy on your honeymoon. You and your husband can have a good time as you celebrate your marriage. Whatever you decide to do on your honeymoon, have a fun time!

The images in the post are by Kiss Me Studio, which is an all female run boudoir photography studio started by photographer Ashley Gerrity and makeup and hair artist Aleksandra Ambrozy. They offer an intimate and fun session for women of all ages and shapes. They service Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware areas. 

Makeup by Aleksandra Ambrozy
All images by Kiss Me Boudoir Photography
Wendy & Jeremy had a beautiful wedding at the Carriage Lane Inn in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  The theme of the wedding was a bird theme with just the perfect mix of vintage and a contemporary feel. The bride looked gorgeous in a blush wedding dress!

The guys in your wedding are special to the bride and groom. It's always nice to thank them with a gift, but you may not know what to give them.  Since they've spent months dealing with things like tuxedo rentals to wedding rehearsals, give them a gift that can be used time and time again.  Here are some ideas that they'll cherish!

The Saturday Surprise photo this week was taken by the great photographers, Davina + Daniel. The photographers are based in Montreal, QC and is one of the great photographers with Best Of Wedding Photography. They adore what they do and feel it is an incredible honor to be let into the lives of a couple, on one of the most important days of their lives. The beautiful picture selected features an elegant ceremony at a church. The floor looks like a mirror and shows the couple's reflection.  What an amazing black and white photo!
“Trust is like a two-way mirror, transparent on one side, with a blind dimness unable to see through on the other side.” 

― Anthony Liccione

Until next week.......think Happy Wedding Thingz!♥
When your guests are at your wedding reception, you'll want to make it stand out from other weddings. Instead of having another cookie cutter wedding, consider adding the great ideas below. They are sure to wow your guests!
Creative Arrivals - Limos are common for  a wedding so get more creative with your transportation. You can arrive in a horse drawn carriage or on bikes. The bridal party or guests can be transported in an old-fashioned trolley.

Photo Booth Fun
 - Let your guests take a break from the normal reception activities and have a little fun with a photo booth. Your family and friends will have a great time posing alone or with each other. If you don't want to get a photo booth,  an inexpensive option is to hang a backdrop and have a photographer to take pictures for you.  Houston wedding photographers or photographers in your area can be found for the pictures.
Entertainment - Go beyond the usual band and the dj and really "entertain" your guests. You can have a saxophone player, jazz quartet or pianist. Many brides are also getting tarot card readers or magicians.  Another popular trend is to hire a caricaturist.  After your guests receive the picture they can take it home as a nice memento from your wedding. 

Special Effects - Using different lighting effects can give your reception a nice look and set a great mood. Houston catering services or any caterer and event planner in your area can work with lighting designers to create the look you want for your reception, The tint can be changed in a room or a monogram may light up the dance floor.  Candles can be used to set the tone. Try lining a walk way or steps with candles. It's so pretty!
Relaxing Place - If your guests need to relax and unwind at your reception, provide  a place to do so. You could have an area with comfortable sofas. This is a great way to end the evening. In the relaxing area, set up a dessert station, coffee bar or wine tasting for your guest. Give them something to talk about!

Amazing Send Off - At the end of the reception, the bride and groom should leave to a big fanfare and it should be something your guest will remember. Confetti and bubbles are very common. Why not have sparklers or balloons for the send off. Another great option is noise makers, like horns or kazoos. 

All Photos by: KT Merry Photography


Brides will find the perfect wedding dress to wear at their destination wedding, but often forget to select the perfect pair of shoes that will go with the dress. Many destination weddings are on the beach. With a wedding being held on the beach, it's best not to go with a high heeled shoe . As you walk down the aisle, you don't want your heel sinking in the sand. So, what are good options for your beach feet? I've got you and your toes covered, well....sort of!

The dress pick this week comes from the 2013 collection of Israeli designer, Nurit Hen. The entire collection is fantastic, but I have selected the dress below as my pick. The bodice is so beautiful. What an amazing dress!    
All of the dresses in the collection are the epitome of glamour and elegance. Nurit Hen has designed spectacular wedding dresses that have lovely details. Any bride will feel so special and gorgeous wearing one of the dresses on her wedding day. 
All images via Nurit Hen