Headbands and Tiaras for a wedding.
So, you've found the perfect wedding dress and you are wondering what to wear with it. A bridal headband or tiara is a beautiful option. Both can be worn with or without a veil. LoverlyDo has gorgeous headband and tiaras. They are made with pearls, lace, rhinestone and Swarovski crystals. The collection will make you sparkle and shine on your wedding day. Here are some of the beautiful accessories that will have you feeling like a princess! 

Bridal Emergency Kits
On your wedding day, it's good to have an emergency kit with you in case something goes wrong. Some brides put together their own kit, but others are at a lost and don't know what to include. You can include things like band-aids, clear nail polish, polish remover, an emery board, earring backs, bobby pins, safety pins, deodorant, tissues, pain reliever, tampons, small tooth paste, dental floss and breath fresheners. 

Wedding dress at ModCloth
This week I'm featuring beautiful wedding dresses from ModCloth. They have very unique wedding styles available. The dresses are fun, flirty and come in a variety of fabrics. You can select long dresses or short dresses. but all are very pretty. Some of the dreses are below, but check out the ModCloth wedding style book for other cute ideas!

Planning the Perfect Wedding
Weddings are the one occasion in life that calls for everything to be special and perfect from the wedding ceremony to the honeymoon. Most couples will take the extra time to search for that special venue that includes all the effects that will make that one day the absolute best.

Rent or buy a pre-owned wedding dress
On television, you often see brides paying thousands of dollars for a wedding dress. The Huffington Post reports that the average cost of a wedding dress is $1,211. Most brides are not over spending for the dress.  If you want to get a great deal on the wedding gown, Next Brides has other options for brides. You can rent or buy a pre-owned dress. Let's explore the advantages and disadvantages.

Tips for a successful marriage
As an immigrant from India who feels blessed to be an American citizen, Sukhjiwan Singh remains puzzled by the divorce rate here, estimated by PolitiFact.com in 2012 to be 40 to 50 percent.

“I come from a time and place in which arranged marriages were common practice – and there was no dating allowed. It seems to me that our society today should have more successful marriages since singles can date here and get to know their future spouse before taking the plunge,” says Singh, CEO of a real estate firm, a mother of two and a happily married wife to her husband of 35 years.

Singh has extensive experience as a counselor to victims of domestic violence, which has piqued her fascination for what works, and what doesn’t work, when searching for a lifelong partner.

Cruise ship wedding
Have you thought about getting married at sea? You can have a beautiful and romantic wedding on a cruise. This type of wedding is a lot easier to plan than a traditional wedding.  The cruise lines offer many services to assist you and they can help you plan a shipboard or shoreside ceremony. 

Barn wedding
Many brides are choosing to have a barn wedding. It's easy to see why. The weddings are beautiful and have a great rustic feel to them. Barns can be dressed up on the inside and outside to make your wedding beautiful. Adding lights to a barn has a dramatic impact.  Here are threee great ways to use lights on a barn.

DIY ideas using wood
There are a lot of DIY brides out there who are looking for great ideas for their wedding. I was one of them. I didn't DIY everything, but I was able to DIY a few elements from my New Year's Eve wedding.  A great idea for a DIY bride is to use lumber or wood. You can create so many wonderful items for your wedding. In the infographic below, Crowe Sawmills, has put together great ideas for wedding decor and provided instructions. The ideas range from signs to wedding arches to photo props. Check it out!

Grace Ormonde Book
Grace Ormonde has documented the most extraordinary weddings and wedding elements worldwide for over 10 years, Grace Ormonde Weddings “being in love never goes out of style” is a comprehensive volume of the key elements of luxury weddings, pieced together by Editor-In-Chief, Grace Ormonde from Wedding Style Magazine