Hey Wedding Thingz Readers.....I'm happy to share a new feature with you. It's called Weekend Wedding Thingz and you can check it out every Saturday. I will select a theme and show you a few 'Wedding Thingz' I think are really great. Throughout the weekend you can check out the items. First up, what every bride needs for her wedding.....something blue.
Something blue ideas for the bride.

Engagement session.
Kaylen and Ryan are planning to get married in Mexico. In preparation for their upcoming wedding, they worked with Nicole Amanda Wedding Photography to get lovely engagement pictures. I love the use of nature in the pictures and it's so great that they included their dogs, Marlow and Bob. It looks like they had a fun engagement session, which allowed them to get gorgeous and natural photos.

Bra and panties for boudoir attire
If you're planning to do a boudoir session and can't decide what to wear, go with your bra and panties. If you don't already have a nice set, invest in one. You will definitely use it for more than the boudoir session. Here are five ideas for using your bra and panties in your boudoir session.

Wedding dress by Sottero and Midgely.
The Sottero and Midgely Spring 2014 wedding dress collection is gorgeous! The collection features a range of dresses that include beautiful embellished bodices, sexy backs and lovely fabrics. The collection also has dresses with pretty colors like gold and pink. You will also find a variety of necklines and silhouettes. Here are some of the dresses from the collection. I really love the dresses in this collection......they are so amazing!

Bride and groom.
If you've been searching for a high quality and tailor made wedding gown at amazing prices, check out the wedding dress selection at Ieie Bridal Dress Boutique. It started as a small mother-daughter team, but the dresses are now custom made by talented designers. They have a great selection of dresses that range from ball gowns to A-line dresses. The dresses are made with beautiful fabrics. The top photo shows one of the dresses on a real bride. It's style Stacey (FY130406). Below are some of the dresses that are available. The dresses are also shown on real brides. 

You are in love and planning the wedding of your dreams. So, why should you even think about investing in wedding insurance. You should consider it because things don't always go as planned and you may not say 'I Do' at the altar. Just as you have car insurance, renter's insurance or health insurance you should get wedding insurance just "in case" you need it.

I love the cute camp engagement pictures of Angela and Scott. Emily Steffen captured the session and did a wonderful job of showcasing the couple and the camp area that was selected for the pictures. The images were taken at Camp Wandawega, which is a rustic camp-style, outdoor fantasy-land. It has amazing details. They were able to get great pictures on a hammock, tire swing and there's even a teepee! Such a perfect spot for a camp engagement.

Show Skin in Strapless Dress.
Do you want to show off your skin in a strapless dress, but have stretch marks you want to hide? While strapless dresses are very popular today, some brides may have stretch marks on their skin. They want to look their best and don't want the marks to show in a strapless dress. Stretch marks can be found on the abdomen, breasts, upper arms, underarms, back, thighs, hips, and buttocks. They are often the result of rapid stretching of the skin due to rapid growth and rapid weight changes.  They are also associated with puberty, pregnancy and body building. 

If you're a bride that wants to eliminate stretch marks on your upper arms or underarms so that you'll look gorgeous in your strapless wedding dress, try Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream. You can start seeing results in as little as two weeks. I used the cream for two weeks. Below are a few benefits I experienced.

This week's Saturday Surprise photo is by Miss K J Photography. The photographer has great style and does a beautiful job of capturing the wedding day for brides and grooms. The picture I selected states " And They Lived Happily Ever After!" This is appropriate this week as this is the last Saturday Surprise post. This feature will live happily ever after. Stay tuned for a new Saturday feature in Decmber 2013. Here's the great shot by Miss K J Photography.
“Happily Ever After isn't really the end...” 
― K.C. Randall

Until next time.......think Happy Wedding Thingz!♥
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