Turning Your Vision Into A Dream Wedding In 5 Simple Steps

Planning a dream wedding


Every woman spends years dreaming about the perfect wedding. But once the initial excitement of saying yes to the proposal simmers down, you must turn your attentions to making that dream a reality.

The perfect wedding day relies on various factors. However, there is no question that the esthetics play a huge role in the day. Not only will they impact the big moment itself, but they’ll also determine how great those magical photos look too. Perfect the five areas below, and it will satisfy even your wildest expectations.

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Anniversary Shoot by Yuriy & Alyona Photography

Anniversary shoot

This is a gorgeous anniversary shoot of  Xenia and Alexander that was captured by Yuriy & Alyona Photography. They went to one of the beautiful places in Ukraine, which is Mogritsa, a favorite place of the Ukrainian artists and musicians. It is known for its chalk quarry, beautiful green hills and extraordinarily creative atmosphere. The pictures were taken at sunset and they are amazing!

Choosing a Designer Ring to Propose With

Choosing a designer ring

If you are thinking of asking that special woman in your life to marry you, then choosing the right engagement ring can help you get the desired reaction for which you are looking. If you want to show her how special she is to you, then buying a beautiful and brilliant designer diamond engagement ring is the perfect way to make her feel special. Although most designer engagement rings may requirement a bigger investment, all will be worth it to see that pure happiness in her eyes.

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Beautiful Ways To Celebrate Your Wedding

Beautiful ways to celebrate a wedding

Photo via Flickr.com

Your wedding will be the most beautiful day of your life. It’s a day for indulgence as well as celebration. It represents the start of your new life in union with your partner. And there are many ways you can make this incredible event extra special. Whatever your budget may be and no matter how many people are on your guest list, you’ll find plenty of beautiful ideas to celebrate your wedding.

You may want to start with your wedding rings. Many couples exchange rings during their wedding ceremony. But if you have designed your own rings, or inscribed them with messages of love, why not share that with the guests? During your toasts, you could show them off, and read out the inscriptions. Perhaps you have a photo you can project so everyone can see them up close?

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How to Select the Right Flowers for Your Wedding Day

Selecting flowers for your wedding day

Your wedding day is a very iconic day, especially for you as the bride. The pressure of making sure that everything will happen exactly how you want it to is quite immense. It is very likely that you will start organizing for this day even months in advance so that you may get everything in place to fulfill your dream wedding. Handling all these issues can be overwhelming for one person and you will have to hire a wedding planner to help you go about all this. One of the things you most definitely will take into keen consideration is the kind of flowers that will be used. As a lady, you most likely are already aware of what your favorite kind of flower is. However, your personal favorite preference is not the only thing to consider when it comes to picking the right flowers. The color and how they can be arranged to fit the theme of the wedding are also other factors. Picking the right flowers that you are pleased with while considering all these factors can be quite tedious! Here are some strategies to help you in that situation:

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