Time To Get Some Bling For Your Finger: Advice You Need For Wedding Ring Shopping

Wedding Ring Advice

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Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting, but stressful times of your life. And it’s often the smaller details which take the most planning for your big day. One of the hardest things you need to sort around six months before the wedding day is the wedding bands. There are so many different types that it can be a minefield when you are just choosing one for your finger. Therefore, here is some advice you need when it’s time to get your wedding rings!

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How To Choose Wedding Shoes That Beat Cinderella’s Glass Slipper


Bridal shoes

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What girl doesn’t love planning their dream wedding? From the dress to the guests and the location to the design, there’s so much to organize to create your dream big day. Choosing your wedding dress is one of the most fun parts of the process. But don’t forget your wedding accessories too! Along with your tiara, veil and jewelry, you’ll also need to choose your wedding shoes. These are often left to the last minute. But if you want a pair that rival Cinderella’s glass slipper it’s best to get searching early on! Here are some tips on how to choose your perfect wedding shoes.

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Beyond Wedding Thingz: Retro Vintage Clothing

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Retro Vintage Clothing

Have I got news for you! ModCloth — the fashion brand you know and love for their vintage-inspired styles — is elevating their look. Their ModCloth Signature label collection contains even more unique fashions than ever, including a broader range of styles from quirky to classic and retro, plus a bevy of prints, patterns, and hues! Check ‘em out now and find something to suit your every mood and moment.

Here a few great looks!

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The Shift in Traditions with Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

For hundreds of years, the engagement ring has become a staple in the wedding industry. The concept of the diamond engagement ring first started as a marketing ploy to get more people to purchase diamonds. According to the American Gem Society, diamond engagement rings became popular in the 1930s. During the late 1940s, one popular jewelry company came up with a slogan that stated diamonds are forever. This slogan subliminally communicated that if a man bought his fiancée a diamond engagement ring, their marriage would last forever. Nowadays, diamond rings are considered to be a mandatory part of the wedding process. Furthermore, the tradition of the diamond engagement ring is starting to change.

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How To Deal With The Post-Wedding Blues

Post wedding blues

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We spend a lot of time talking about the planning and lead up to our wedding day. Months and months can go into mood boards, meticulous details and lots of shopping. There is the excitement of choosing the venue, asking your friends to be bridesmaids and going out with your mom to choose her special dress too. The big day usually goes by in a flurry of dazzling fun, happiness and exhilaration. And then we get to go on honeymoon with the love of our life. But what happens when you crash land back into real life? Today we’re going to talk a little bit about the post-wedding blues and how to push through them.

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