Beautiful Florida Wedding Shot by Scribbled Moments Photography

Real Wedding  by Scribbled Moments Photography

Emily and Logan had a beautiful March wedding in Florida that was shot by Scribbled Moments Photography. After the lovely ceremony, family and friends celebrated with them at the Palm Beach Gardens in Florida. Prior to the wedding, there was a torrential downpour! The skies were pitch black. Despite the weather, the photographer was able to capture great photos.

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Wedding Reception Cocktails as Unique as You

SIgnature Cocktails for Your Wedding

Many couples opt to offer a specific set of cocktails during their nuptial celebrations, rather than going for an open bar. This expands the choices past the traditional beer and wine selection, but keeps things classy and under control rather than running the risks that come with offering unlimited booze. A limited list of mixed drinks can also enable you to focus on providing drinks that reflect your character or are significant to you as a couple. For those keen on planning every last detail, reception beverages can even be chosen to match your wedding colors and themes. Below are some steps in choosing a crowd pleasing drink that will reflect your unique tastes.

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Your Spring Wedding Mini Flower Guide

Spring Wedding Flower Guide

Spring is a beautiful time of year to get married, with fresh blooms and clear skies signalling the start of new growth. Bouquets should match, and in this season they can also bring a pop of color to proceedings without looking too garish. If you are having trouble with deciding what to go for in your spring wedding, read our mini flower guide here to see what fits with your taste.

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Summer Wedding Theme vs. Winter

Summer Wedding

The day finally came, and you are now engaged. Big decisions in life are just beginning, and one of them has to do with when you should marry. There is a beautiful summer wedding on a warm day, or a winter wedding that can look like Christmas cards. Word of advice, however: never plan a wedding according to season, because there is no guarantee on the weather.

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Top 5 Wedding Destinations in India

Destination Weddings in India

Wedding, be it love or arranged, is always an exciting affair. Indian marriages are a month long with relatives from four corners of the earth, friends from school time to colleges, and colleagues of every organization one has worked with throng the courtyard adding vibrancy to the event. The bride and the groom are in their own tension of starting a new life together. Fear, excitement, thrill, blues, love, commitment, stress, etc. – all these kind of feelings work in their mind and above that they have to look good because it’s their marriage.

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Three Questions to Ask Before Getting a Divorce

Three questions to ask before getting a divorce

You are excited when you get the romantic proposal and then comes the marriage. No one gets married thinking that five, ten, even twenty years down the line we are going to be so frustrated or miserable that we will get a divorce. Most of us step into marriage with hope and enthusiasm, determined to have ours be a marriage that lasts. However, often that is not the case and many find themselves thinking about a divorce. Here are three questions to consider before getting a divorce.

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