How To Make Money Work In A Marriage

How to Make Money Work in a Marriage

Children, sex, in-laws, work stress – how couples handle these issues says plenty about a marriage and, often, a divorce. Not surprising to many, however, the No. 1 predictor of divorce is money, according to a study from Kansas State University.

More specifically, researchers say that arguing about money, especially early in a relationship, is the best predictor of divorce – despite a couple’s economic bracket.

“As with sex, for example, arguments about money are probably connected to deeper, underlying issues, such as trust, self-esteem, identity, etc.,” says Dr. Anne Brennan Malec, a clinical psychologist and marriage and family therapist with a background in accounting and business.

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Pretty Shabby Chic Wedding Shot by Ladies & Lord

Real Wedding by Ladies & Lord

This beautiful shabby chic wedding was captured by the brilliant photographers at Ladies & Lord. Vera and Georg’s wedding has wonderful details and is amazing. The wedding is full of whimsical and shabby chic elements. This wedding has a lovely candy table, soft and beautiful flowers, lovely pastel color palette and a piano. This is a wedding that the town spoke about for months! 

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Home Improvements

Home improvement Quotes

Some couples buy a home before the wedding and others will wait until after the wedding to purchase the home of their dreams and make it unique. Once the two of you have settled into your home, it may need repairs from time to time. If you need to get a quote from a business who can do the repair, it has gotten easier for you to do it. 

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Wipe Your Tears with Wedding Handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs for weddings

There may come a time in your wedding when you or your parents may shed a few tears. Yes, these would be happy tears! You could be walking down the aisle or stating your vows. If you need to wipe away the tears, don’t use an ordinary tissue. Why not wipe your tears with beautiful wedding handkerchiefs? I’ve found some beautiful ones on Etsy by Canyon Embroidery. These styles are perfect for you and your parents. They are unique, classy and stylish! 

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An Organic Take on Traditional Pearls

Guest Post by Wendy Mignot Designs

Wendy Mignot Designs

The tradition of wearing pearls on your wedding day dates back to the Ancient Greeks who believed they were worn to “take away the brides tears”; to ensure a happy marriage without tears. They believed the pearl would promote marital harmony. It is also said that pearls symbolize love, happiness, modesty, chastity, and purity.

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15 Hottest Trends for an Outdoor Wedding

Guest Post by A2zWeddingCards

Outdoor wedding trends

You are looking for a marriage hall to tie the knot? Seriously?  Don’t you think it’s too old-fashioned? Your father did it the same way. It’s time for you to try out something new, something exciting! Outdoor Weddings are the newest wrinkle.  The shady trees, serene streets and fresh whirling air add glitters in the ambiance and make it ideal to say “I do”. From fancy places to your favorite joints, or probably where the two of you met! There can be end number of places for you guys to get hitched! Well, though an outdoor wedding seems great, but there are a lot of things to care about. Here is a talk of a few:

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